Baba Beck dons many hats. Multi talented Musician, Comedian, Lincoln Cent Treasure Hunter and A man of God!

Today, we have the pleasure of Interviewing Baba Beck. He is a Man of God and lives his life trying to be a good human. Owing to his passion for Music, He trained himself to be an all in one music band. From writing to composing to singing, He does it all!

Please tell us something about yourself? How did Music enter your Life?

Ans: As a 7 year old child, I remember being attracted to musical instruments…in India! Just once I kinda stole the instruments and brought them home to play… Tabla…Indian Keyboards… on an Air Force base …In school, there was a celebration, and I played the Chamta …

Do you Read or Write Music?


Please Explain?

Its a Gift from GOD!

What Genre of Music do you play?

I am a composer with GOD’s Oceans to dip into … sounds

Where did you see your First Concert?

Fort Wayne, Indiana… I was 14 years old…The Car, Candy O Tour! and that’s when I knew.. That’s what I want..for the rest of my Life..( But GOD was waiting, for me to beg for an Everlasting Life! With Music a nice part of it…Approved by GOD!!

You say GOD, can we get a little advanced…?

Before these planets and Galaxies existed, there was ONE BEING..and these musical notes creation was Part of One Body! The Maker has been kind enough to show it to me …

How did GOD start in your Life?

At the age of 7. I was a very curious kid about Prophets and Saints as to How they Performed these Miracles … Some 40 Earth years I found out WHY. GOD videos are on my YouTube Channel (Baba Beck) Playlist!

Whats the First thing GOD showed you? That you …can Talk About?

Thanks..on the ..what I can Talk About part. I Became a Human Lion. A few Lionesses came and stared at me and said, “Let’s get you…into Management !” and I Followed them… 


Are you a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Fire Worshiper….etc, etc.?


What are you?

A Human Being.

Are you happy with that? Unbridled?

Yes, very much…I am a lover of God. Book of LOVE is only BOOK I write, want, and Believe in for Eternity!

What’s the Greatest Compliment you have received as a Total solo artist musician composer?

Thank you. Let’s go back some 30 Years. Its Kissimmee FL, and I am driving back some workers .. Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ( Work Now Pay Now) Joint… Blaring my Sun and Moon song (Inst) on blown up speakers, and one of them started yelling to me..” Is this Santana’s New Release? “I kept driving even though I heard him.. “Hey.. man…Is this Santana’s New Release?” I stopped the car… turned around and asked him..” what did you say” he repeated..” Is this Santana’s new release?” I said..” Guy! It’s me.. it’s my song…Sun and the Moon”

Are you married, or have you been married?


Are you a Monk?


Have you ever had a cat or a dog as a Pet?


What’s your Favorite Movie?

The Pink Panther Strikes Again ( Peter Sellers)

What’s your main Instrument as a composer?

Electric guitar…Sir!

Who is the Best Bass Player to you?

Geddy Lee, RUSH!

Who is the Best Drummer to you?

John Bohenem, The WHO.

Who is your favorite Singer?

Doris Day.

Who is the Best Lead guitarist to you that Inspired you?

Jimi Hendrix! I meet him in a True Dream! ( Guess who shows up on my World Tours… I will not open without Him…God showed me stadiums SOLD OUT years in advance) I cried..and still do..just thinking about it ( The promise)…Resurrections!!!

How many songs have you recorded?

Over 100 songs in FL in the Year 2001 /2007 Us Gov copyrighted!

 17 of them are on my YouTube Playlist



Please tell us about your Youtube Channel.

My Youtube channel is like a hub for exploration. I am a Sci-fi writer, and my first chapter is online narrated illustrated. You’ll find so much about ancient coins here. From how they were found to what they are made of, I use my curiosity to make my videos more interesting for all my viewers.

On the channel, you will find simply so much! Mostly my page is about rare coins that I find and the ones that I own, like my personal collection. My channel has 17 HD music videos of mine that are waiting to be discovered. 

But that’s not all! I post videos that pertain to current times and situations, I write, I play instruments, I explore and explore and explore.

It’s great to be a multitasker, I must say! And then I love God and give all credit to him. 


What do you want from your Vistors when they see your YouTube Channel?

Please ..Share and Like and Give me SHOUT OUT on your Social Media Pages ..Why? YouTube Sold out ALL traffic to VEVO on their own Server ..Indie ..Unsigned musicians suffer! God Bless!

Did you ever try to form a Band?

Yes. Several times between the ages of 22/31.

Any Success?

No. I ran into a lot of cover bands types or not enough talent and when I meet someone really cool ( One came to buy my cheap drum kit in Houston TX) said “I am married and I buying this kit to amuse my kids in the Garage’ I begged him, please let’s form a band.. but his answer was ..No

The NEXT drummer I meet was very talented..from Britain in St. Peter berg Fl came to get a Job as a BMW salesman. We went fishing together (no fish but the line caught by a Monster Fish and broke… later we jammed out Heavy..( I wish I had recorded it, but I did not) He said he was the Drummer for the Queen of England! I believed it… Awesome!!

Why the bad luck with forming a band?

Good Question.Now that I look back… God wanted me to Turn to HIM!! GOD is ONE in a world of multiplicity.GOD wanted to play them as ONE (All Tracks).. and I am a Solo Artist!

How can Fans connect with you?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Preference ( LinkedIn) or my YouTube Channel (Baba Beck)


Thank you so much for your time! It was a pleasure to have this conversation with you!

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