Award winning Female Fronted Heavy Metal & HardRock Band SEPSISS’ exquisite single ‘You Already Know’, is launching on April 30th!

Yes, that’s right! SEPSISS is just about to launch its latest single, ‘You Already Know.’ The female-fronted Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band from Manchester is making a lot of waves. Since their aim is to make unique and high-energy music, You Already Know is no exception. As soon as you hear the first beat, you’ll be mesmerized and transported to the world of heavy metal, and that’s what the aim is.

It’s a hot, hard rock single that gives listeners the feeling of unity. You know the kind where you’re in sync with everyone else. The music will make you question your core, and it’ll make you more connected with others. In this culture of individualism, where every person is only for themselves, it is a wonderful way to remind people that there is a purpose bigger than themselves. And that is to be in tune with other people. When we’re experiencing togetherness, we’re more united. It’s a powerful feeling and one that makes you confident in the fact that there’s no obstacle too big in front of you.


Along with the music, the combination of vocals from Wolfe and Savant will move you. It’s wonderful the way the music and the lyrics go along. It’s a perfect example of how the right kind of music and lyrics can touch someone’s soul. Folks, this is a must-listen song if you’re tired of the selfishness and the individualism our culture has to offer. It helps us remember that we’re all in it together.


What’s more? It was mastered and mixed by Grammy-nominated producer, Glen Robinson. He tells the story of rebuilding and unifying communities after the coronavirus. So you know the song has to be good if it came from Glen. You just know it will strike all the right chords for you.

SEPSISS also knows a lot about their audience. It’s hardly surprising considering how well-connected they are with them. They engage with them through podcasts, Facebook groups, and karaoke. They also do online streams, just in case you want to catch them.

The thing about SEPSISS is that it’s a family band. It’s built from the ground up. They know the struggles and pain of people around them, so they’re always looking to connect with people and let them share their stories. Pain is a universal language, and SEPSISS knows that. They speak to people on a personal level with their music—regardless of the culture or background they belong to. They understand that people have different personalities and share different pain. That’s why they connect so easily with fans.

‘You Already Know’ is going to hit all major platforms on April 30th, so don’t miss out. If you want to stay up to date with them, follow them on Instagram @sepsissband. You can also check out their Youtube channel and other social media platforms.