Artists from across the world unite to create enthralling Christian Music! Check out ‘A Circle of Faith’

Songwriter and producer Allen Brooks founded ‘A Circle Of Faith’ in 2020. It brings together various artists from across the world to create and produce fresh and inspiring Christianity based music. 

The songs that they have released are:

  • ‘Walk With Me Now’ 
  • ‘My Lord And King’
  • ‘Prayer Revival’ 

The songs feature music artists from across the world – including The United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Bosnia, Norway, Uruguay, and Argentina. 

The tracks are harmonious and unite us with the positive energy of music and the love of God. The affable compositions about God and love are very powerful. The music has a compassionate charm to it. What is wonderful is that these positive lyrics have the power to heal

They showcase that spirituality can kindle both inspiration and strength. It is all set to spread positive vibes in the air. 

You can check them out on Soundcloud:

Walk With Me Now’ – This was their first release in February 2020 

“My Lord and King” weaves resonant chords. It is a rousing track that oozes rhythmic enthusiasm. The lyrics symbolize a plethora of love for God. The deep and reverberating percussion dominates the track throughout.

‘Prayer Revival’ is a loving expression and an exceptional composition.

This project is remarkable. I highly recommend A Circle of Faith’s music to any fans of Christian music and rock music.

A Circle of Faith offers free downloads for all of their releases through their website.

I really cherished listening to the songs, I am sure you will love them too!


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