‘Message Music’ by Anthony Hardin takes you to a world of deeper meaning

Pray, Trust, Believe is an inspiring song from Anthony Hardin, who has rocked the music world with The Best of The Antney Experience ‘Message Music’ for the World. With a broad and ambitious goal, the artist strives to connect people and deliver work that helps people through his YouTube channel, which has reached thousands of listeners.

Anthony Hardin became a songwriter after a long career in the U.S. Air Force, consultancy, and public speaking. He has now shifted a big part of his focus to public speaking and fulfilling a long-term dream to create message music. What started as a desire to record at least one album with powerful meaning to help people has led to the release of three albums. Music has been a constant companion for Anthony, who sang in the youth choir at the Friendship Baptist Church and has enjoyed different types of music all his life.

In 2022, Anthony released his first album, The Antney Experience, which homages the nickname from his home state of North Carolina, where many people call him Antney. 


Hardin describes his music as actionable message music: something beautiful, inspiring, and with a specific call to action. The Antney Experience’s breakout song is Pray, Trust, Believe, which is all about connection and the understanding of grief as a shared experience. Other notable songs include Daddy You Got MeLeadership E.D. (Ethical Dysfunction), and others with strong messages and powerful themes that are sure to resonate with the listeners.



The Antney Experience 2 was the follow-up to this first album and continued the same trend of inspiring emotional music. His third album was The Best of the Antney Experience Message Music for the World. Each of these features hard-hitting songs that explore different aspects of human experience, including themes like fatherhood, loss, mental health, and more. They encourage real action instead of a superficial engagement and can all be found on his YouTube channel, where Hardin keeps the comments off to stay consistent with his message. You can check out the below music video of Pray, Trust, Believe:

Hardin’s music is full of passion and hard work with beliefs that come from years of experience. His message is always wrapped in beautiful lyrics with a video to match that enhances the experience. He believes that actions matter more than words, and this can be seen in the way he approaches music and his YouTube channel. Hardin’s music is meaningful and targeted toward anyone.

Discover the other albums from Anthony Hardin on his YouTube channel and enjoy the music with a message. If you like what you heard, make sure to discover The Best of the Antney Experience – Message Music for the World with all the gorgeous songs from this latest album available here: 

Make sure to also check out his songs on all the streaming services, including Spotify and iTunes.


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