American Music Artist Tizzy TEACH’s latest single ‘Have a Good DAY’ is an inspiring masterpiece

Tizzy TEACH has released his newest project, Have a Good DAY. This new track is all about inspiring people, no matter who they are, to achieve this simple and yet meaningful goal: to just have a good day and enjoy themselves. 

Tizzy TEACH is based in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Tacoma, Washington. His unique style is the combination of his success in the skateboarding world and skateboarding culture, as well as a hit on the music scene. This showcases the many talents of this artist, who wants to bring skateboard and music cultures closer together, with the best of both worlds shining through in every track. Tizzy TEACH is the CEO of Dysfunctional Family LLC, the independent music Label based out of Tacoma.

Tizzy is someone who authentically comes from the skateboard world: he has won contests, traveled, and been endorsed thanks to the talent he has shown as a professional and has also been using that as an inspiration for his music. In addition to it all, Tizzy offers skateboarding lessons for young people in the Tacoma-Seattle community. Just as he put in a lot of effort to succeed as a skateboarder, Tizzy is producing quality music and working to promote positive vibes.


For Tizzy, the key message that his music is meant to convey is that people should never give up, because we set our own limitations. Have a Good DAY follows in a similar vein, offering a positive and nice song that is all about finding the best way to live a positive day. In general, the artist believes that one should never say that they can’t do something. 


His past release, My Way, gained over 3000 thousand plays and keeps amassing more, and it’s likely that Have a Good DAY will go the same way. His YouTube music videos, the official releases for many of his tracks, feature not only Tizzy showing off his musical skills but also his ability with the skateboard. 

Tizzy TEACH offers the perfect music for fans of rap and hip-hop in all its different subgenres, but also provides a great option for fans of skateboard culture, as it draws from it in an authentic manner since the artist is also a skateboarder with years of experience. Skateboarding provides a unique, fresh touch to everything that the artist does, adding a sense of genuineness and originality. Tizzy provides high-quality music with his own unique twist that helps him distinguish himself from the many other artists who are working on their music in the rap genre.

Tizzy’s music is a great option for listeners who want to hear new rap artists and who want something distinctive and fun. The skateboard culture is an authentic part of his brand and his style, which also can interest those immersed in said culture or curious about it.

You can find the artist on Instagram @Tizzyteach. If you are interested in a booking, reach the artist at


We had the pleasure of interviewing Tizzy TEACH. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Tizzy, Great to have you with us today! What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

Hi, The strategy that helped me is to be myself. There’s so much similar stuff out there that things can get lost quickly when there are so many blueprint style artists.  

I would say that actively investing in myself and really believing in my music has helped me tremendously. I am a niche artist. So I’ve found I gotta do a little more leg work because I’m not an artist chasing hit after hit. I just make good music based on my mood, what I wanna hear, what I wish I heard out there, or just that feeling that takes over when hearing a beat that speaks to you. 


Any message for our readers? 

Just be yourself, and be confident in who you are and what you bring because there is only one you. You may minimize your own greatness because you live with it daily. But someone out there needs that. 


Thank you so much, Tizzy, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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