Feel the energy of rock music with Alchemist Fire’s amazing new tracks ‘Warm Regards’ and ‘Impact Cr8er’

Alchemist Fire is offering two amazing new tracks: Warm Regards and Impact Cr8er. Both are high-energy rock tracks with a classic feel and style that showcase the unique ability of this trio, working to make a name for themselves through amazing music.

You can find the lyric videos for Warm Regards on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Q-5eMxY3K2QImpact Cr8er can be found here https://youtu.be/R8cvEUjEQio. Both have a specific style, sometimes tongue-in-cheek and sometimes very serious, to highlight the complex nature of both tracks that use melody and lyrics as a way to express ideas that are sure to resonate with the listener. There is a lot of humor and satire that comments on current issues. While light-hearted, these tracks are also not to be taken lightly, as Alchemist Fire know very well what they are doing and why to create music with a great deal of entertainment value, humor, and more, but also commentary, style, and depth. You can find these tracks and more music from Alchemist Fire on Spotify:

Alchemist Fire is a central US-based trio featuring David, who creates lyrics and sings the songs, T.I.M.M. (The Inimitable Music Machine), and Steve, both doing the work as multi-instrumentalists and also singers. Alchemist Fire is a new trio, but each member brings to the table years of musical experience. They draw inspiration from a variety of sources, mostly musicians with a classic status attached to them, such as Rush, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Coheed and Cambria, Subsignal, .38 Special, Boston, Journey, Alan Parsons, Kansas, Electric Light Orchestra, Black Sabbath, Weird Al Yankovic, and many, many more. These are influences that are among the best possible and also showcase the kind of music you can expect. Fans of many of these bands can find something interesting and enjoyable in these tracks.


Alchemist Fire has a style that can draw a lot from classic rock with original melodies, lyrics, and ideas. This is why the “vibe” of their music makes it likely to please and entertain those who feel nostalgic over rock with a classic, harmonious sound and clever lyrics. Fans of the genre are sure to enjoy the music. Warm Regards and Impact Cr8er are among the best showcases of the band’s ability at the moment. Still, Alchemist Fire is constantly developing their skills and will certainly offer amazing new music in the future. The members all have an extensive musical background that allows them to bring their best to each song and offer unique experiences that blend humor and powerful guitar riffs for memorable listening that leaves the audience happy and wanting more.

They also have a YouTube channel @alchemistfiremusic128. You can contact Alchemist Fire at alchemistfiremusic@gmail.com. This band is sure to become a favorite of fans of classic rock and parody songs like Weird Al Yankovic, as they create tracks with a lot of humor, satire, and commentary alongside an effective and powerful musical arrangement that is reminiscent of the best of classic rock.


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