Aditya Manggala’s latest single Ms. Reality takes the listeners on an emotional ride of highs and lows of a relationship.

Ms. Reality is a brand new single from Indonesian artist Aditya ManggalaMs. Reality builds up a strong set of lyrics to tell a powerful and inspiring story about relationships with a strong melody to go along with it.

Ms. Reality takes the listeners on an emotional ride of highs and lows that occur in any relationship, with a wide range of experiences from happiness to anger. It will take you from the disappointment of a situation gone wrong and all the other emotions that you might feel within the context of a relationship. With top-notch guitar skills, bass, and drums, the song brings the audience along for a journey of love and disillusionment. Ms. Reality can be described as a mix of genres, featuring indie-pop tempo, guitar reverbs, and drum progressions.

Aditya Manggala comes from Jakarta and has been successfully making a name for himself. 2020 saw his debut, and now he is continuing to improve with this follow-up. Aditya has used his songs to reflect the conflict between his expectations and current reality, the alienation that he has experienced and has felt from everybody else. The clash of styles that is quickly becoming his signature helps him build the experience he wants to build for his listener and offers a new experience in the indie-pop scene.


The new song follows the successful debut of the artist titled Big Fake Smile. It is an excellent follow-up that leaves the audience invested in the story and eager for more music. By shaping a realistic and expressive dynamic between man and woman, Ms. Reality can tug the heartstrings of anyone who has ever faced relationship problems. The artist tries to be honest and authentic with each song and hopes to tell the listeners true stories that offer an experience grounded in his real life and past.


Aditya Manggala represents the Indonesian music scene, gaining international acclaim thanks to his musical skills, vocals, and lyrics. He draws inspiration from a wide selection of bands, including Green Day, Boy Pablo, and Rex Orange County. With a diverse collection of influences, Aditya brings a fresh and innovative sound. He has a new take on indie-pop, both in regards to themes and stories the genre chooses to engage with and the sounds and beats it employs. Ms. Reality is another show of this innovative approach to music that is likely to delight audiences looking for something new and fresh within the genre and for clever ways to blend different types of music together.


You can find Ms. Reality on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Also, you can follow Aditya Manggala on Instagram @adit.manggala to stay tuned for any future updates and releases.