Listen to scintillating and contemporary trap music with 5StarrTrap’s latest EP ‘Round My Way’

5StarrTrap is a rapper who is making waves on the hip-hop scene. His newest release, the EP, Round My Way, is an impressive set of six tracks that feature a smooth flow and a lot of exciting lyrics and melodies. This EP is certain to become a milestone in this artist’s rising career. In addition to this, 5StarrTrap has recently launched Just Lemme kno’ alongside a music video for this track.

The EP features exciting tracks, including Off the Flapp, Pull Up, Dennis Rodman, S.T.E.P., .62 Freestyle, and 100 Shots Bonus. In addition to the vocal and rapping talents of 5StarrTrap, the album features collaborations with artists like Tention and 2sgtay. 

5StarrTrap’s style is solid and sincere. He takes a look at dark subject matters and has a bold, uncompromising style that follows the trappings of some of the best rappers but makes it something unique and original to the artist. He has a strong combination between the right attitude, great flow, and the right music to highlight his own talent and offer something distinct on an indie rap scene that is overflowing with rappers. This artist manages to stand out in regard to his music.

Today, there are hundreds of rap artists, and it’s important for any fan of the genre to look into indie artists like 5StarrTrap, who are doing their own thing and who are building their styles and followings based on what they can offer.

Round This Way and Just Lemme kno’ are offerings that bring out the best in 5StarrTrap’s catalog so far, although future releases are sure to build upon these to make something even better and more interesting. Again, 5StarrTrap creates something novel and uses his tracks to have fun.

Just Lemme kno’ comes with a video that has a strong visual presence. The video uses a simple concept that really supports the urban, tough vibe the song has and offers a powerful set of visuals that keep the audience watching on. The combination between visuals and the flow, rhythm, and lyrics that 5StarrTrap brings to the table make it a great track to get to know this artist. It features a steady, confident beat that helps the song make a big impression. You can find the video for Just Lemme kno’ on YouTube below:


Round This Way goes one step beyond. As an EP, it has a solid central concept and offers a great set of tracks that showcase the various talents of 5StarrTrap. It covers various approaches and styles and represents a big step in the journey this artist is taking to stardom. His following is growing.

You can also find the EP, Round My Way, on Apple Music here. If you prefer other services, Round My Way is streaming on all the main music platforms, too, including Spotify. Make sure to follow 5StarrTrap on social media as well to find out when he makes new drops, as his future releases are sure to be as exciting as his work so far. 


We had the pleasure of interviewing 5StarrTrap. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share your journey with our readers. 

Music is therapeutic to an outreach of individuals. Anyone who loves good music will always gravitate to and relate to the messages in this new wave flow I’m coming with. As a completely independent artist with no label push, it becomes hard and testing for oneself but staying consistent throughout hard times has always been a trait of mine, and it shows in the deeper part of my music. I hope all my fans continue to check in with me as we grow into our five stars ⭐ keep a look out because there is a star on the rise! 


What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

Using prior examples and being confident in my next moves. Learning from real-world leaders, musically and business leaders worldwide. 

State-to-state recognition, in-person marketing, passing flyers, being outside, etc. Consistency is the main problem for a lot of artists but for me? I try to keep my foot on the pedal!

How does your music differ from others?

Versatility is the key, and I have a keen ear for every sound I hear. So, I try to make better versions of myself in every flow!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can follow me on Instagram @5starrtrapp.


Thank you so much, 5StarrTrap, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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