Yuridia – Famous Singer

Who is Yuridia?

Yuridia is a Mexican singer and songwriter who has become quite popular in Mexico and on an international level, touring the United States and South American countries.


October 4, 1986

Birth Place

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Yuridia or Yuridia Francisca Gaxiola Flores was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, a Northern Mexican state. When she was eight, she moved to Mesa, Arizona, but went back to Mexico to pursue fame. Yuridia was unsure about her casting, but her father talked her into applying in L.A., and she was chosen as one of the 18 participants for La Academia’s fourth generation.

Yuridia has been married to Matias Aranda since 2019 and had a son in 2006.

Professional Life

Yuridia first gained notoriety after taking part in a Mexican reality show called La Academia, which focused on identifying and selecting singing talents similar to The Voice. She got second place, but that did not deter her, as she managed to become one of the most popular Mexican performers.

The second prize earned her a million pesos, a car, and, most importantly, a contract with Sony Music. After that, she went on a tour along with the other members of La Academia but eventually began her career. However, she continues to be associated with this show in the public consciousness. Her voice and unique performance style, and songwriting ability have earned her a lot of popularity in Mexico and on an international level, becoming a highly popular artist mostly with Spanish-speaking audiences. One of her nicknames is Voice of an Angel, which reflects her vocal ability.

In terms of albums over the last 15 years, she has been the top seller in Mexico, selling over 5 million albums and 8 million units overall, including L.P., singles, and digital songs.

Yuridia has received international acclaim and has toured across Mexico, the United States, Costa Rica, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, and more, getting huge crowds attending her concerts.

Yuridia has released seven albums. Her first one was La Voz de un ángel or An Angel’s Voice in 2005, which came out right after taking part in La Academia. It became the number one best-selling album in Mexico in 2006. After that, she launched Habla el corazón in 2006, which went platinum. In 2007, 2009, 2011, she launched her next three productions. In 2015, she celebrated a decade of work with another album. Her most recent piece is Primera fila: Yuridia (Yuridia: in the front seats), launched in 2017 and was her first album featuring live music.


Yuridia has been nominated for multiple awards. Among those she has won, there is the Latin Billboard award and more.

Her recent tour, Desierto Tour, has sold out over 101 concerts.

She has been nominated for awards over 35 times and has quite a few wins under her belt.

Yuridia is one of the top-selling Mexican artists of all time, with her albums often reaching platinum and her concerts selling out pretty quickly.


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