Ricky Martin – Famous Singer

Who is Ricky Martin?

He is a Latin singer and performer from Puerto Rico. He is one of the most successful artists, performing both in Spanish and in English.


24 December 1971

Birth Place

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Zodiac Sign


Personal Life

Ricky Martin has been married to Jwan Yosef since 2017. He has four children. Ricky Martin was in a platonic relationship with Rebecca de Alba for over 14 years. However, in 2010, he came out as gay publically.

Professional Life

Ricky Martin started his career when he was 12 as a hugely popular pop group Menudo member. Menudo became a bit hit among Spanish-language audiences and beyond. He worked with Menudo for five years and, in 1990, launched a solo album, followed by others in the following years. His first albums were in Spanish. The debut was called Ricky Martin.
In 1999, Ricky Martin performed the Cup of Life, which launched a bigger fascination with Latin pop in the U.S. This performance took place at the Grammies and is still considered one of the best Latin performances. Cup of Life was also the anthem for the football World Cup, and it stays as one of the favorite anthems of all time.

Livin’ La Vida Loca was one of the top hits by Ricky Martin. Alongside his performance at the Grammies, the song released in 1999 jumpstarted the popularity of Latin music in the United States. In addition, it empowered other artists to move into the American market with Spanish songs or Latin rhythms and styles.
The first English album was titled Ricky Martin and became a best-seller, with over 15 million copies sold.
Ricky Martin has also worked as an actor, starring in various Latin soap operas early in his career. In addition, he appeared on Glee and had a recurring role on The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, which earned him an Emmy nomination.


Ricky Martin has been nicknamed the Latin Music King and the King of Latin Pop.

He has sold over 70 million records, placing him on the lists of best-selling Latin musicians of all time.

Amazon Prime released the series Subete a Mi Moto, which details the rise to fame of Ricky Martin and Menudo. Ricky Martin is portrayed by two actors: Felipe Albors and Ethan Schwartz.

Before coming out as gay, Martin was pressured to disclose his sexuality, an experience that he described as being traumatic. He has been an advocate for LGBT+ rights and causes. The artist has done a lot of humanitarian work that has been recognized and honored.

He has over 200 awards: 2 Grammy and 5 Latin Grammy Awards, 5 MTV Video Music Awards, 3 Billboard and 9 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 2 American and 2 Latin American Music Awards, 8 World Music Awards. He also received an Emmy nomination for a supporting role in a series.

The artist voiced Hercules in the Latin American dub of the Disney animated movie in 1997. Recently, he did voice work for Jingle Jangle.

He did a live in concert tour with Enrique Iglesias in 2021 which was a huge success. It was called The Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin Live in Concert and was held from September to November 2021.


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