What are some exciting things to do in Bordeaux, France?

Bordeaux is a place that has a lot of history and plenty of activities and places to visit. 

Bordeaux is a French city that is located on the river Garonne and is the capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is one of the older and most charming cities, well-known for its wines, gastronomy, historic locations, and more, which have led to it being dubbed the Pearl of Aquitaine and becoming recognized as one of the best tourist destinations in France and even in Europe. In particular, in 2015, it won the recognition and prize as the best destination in Europe, and now we can see what there is to do in this beautiful city. 


The first thing to do is to explore all the historical locations, brimming with meaning and beauty. Bordeaux has many places that have been preserved for centuries, such as the old town gates (five gates that have endured the passage of time and continue to mark the boundaries of the town Bordeaux used to be) or the many ancient buildings and spaces. The city reflects the old town and showcases some stunning examples of past architectural styles. The first thing to do is to get to know the gorgeous and authentic places that fill Bordeaux with a sense of history still being alive.

But the city has not been frozen in the past. It also features many modern activities and spaces that feel fresh and exciting. The Garonne River, for instance, is a popular place for walks and fun tours, but there are also spaces like the Water Mirror or Le Miroir d’Eau, a popular monument with a modern feel, or Jardin public, the largest park in the city with plenty of experiences for the family and the traveler. 

We can’t discuss Bordeaux without mentioning the local cuisine and, of course, the wine scene. As for cuisine, canelé is the popular local pastry, but beyond this, visitors can sample the many different dishes that characterize the region and that are a shining example of French cuisine. Travelers can stop by the local markets to enjoy a taste of everything the town has to offer. Chocolate is another sweet specialty that distinguishes the city. But Bordeaux is a must-visit city for any wine lover.

Not only does it feature several wine museums that celebrate and promote the culture around this delectable drink, but also Bordeaux is surrounded by vineyards, while the city itself has a variety of places for tasting and drinking, such as classic bars, often located in historical buildings, gastronomy-focused spaces with fine wines, and rich wine stores with thousands of options to sample and enjoy.

Bordeaux has plenty of exciting activities for people of all ages and all tastes. Here, people can walk between old buildings to enjoy classical architecture and art and move to modern, eclectic markets to taste wine and sample the local delicacies. There is never a dull moment, and people of all types will find something to delight them in the city.