Hotel Recommendations to Enjoy the Weekend in Singapore

There will always be new activities that can be done in Singapore, especially during the weekend. The weekend is when most of us spend our free time to refresh our mind and our body after the hectic days for the five days straight. There are so many things we can do during the weekend, something like only laying in bed and spending time while watching movies, walking around to the garden or park, cooking the recipes we wanted to taste, and many more.

If you love to walk around and spend the time outside the house, a staycation could be one of the greatest ideas you can do to spend the weekend later. In Singapore, you can find various overnight accommodations, from the cheapest to the luxurious. If staycation is always labeled to only luxurious hotels, well, it’s not always true. You can spend your time on a staycation in a-2 star hotels or even 3-star hotels, like Hotel 81 Changi, Singapore. However, if you have more budget to stay outside your house, you can try to spend the night in Village Hotel Changi.

Those two accommodations are famous in Singapore, even though they have different facilities, they surely become favorites for people who repeatedly come to enjoy their time during weekends in those places. Therefore, what makes Hotel 81 Changi and Village Hotel Changi become everyone’s favorites? Here are the reasons why!

Hotel 81 Changi

We are going to Hotel 81 Changi. I would say, for its level and standards as a 2-star hotel in Singapore, Hotel 81 Changi is one of the best you can find to enjoy your time while doing a staycation. This hotel is full of great facilities. The hotel that is located at 428 Changi Road, East Coast, Singapore, has excellent accommodations nearby. It is close to the center of the city. However, you don’t have to worry. It will make you feel overwhelmed with the business around the hotel.

On Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, this hotel has more than 400 reviews from customers. Most of them said that this hotel is worth the price! The cleanliness almost got an excellent score, the same as the comfort that has been felt by previous customers. Hotel 81 Changi is near to some famous places in Singapore, which you can find only by walking for 5 to 10 minutes or more. Some of the places such as Kembangan MRT Station, Parkway East Hospital and Medical Centre, Jumbo Seafood, Singapore National Stadium, Universal Studios Singapore, and many more.

Village Hotel Changi

Move to the Village Hotel Changi, which I would say has a more luxurious interior and exteriors, and also better facilities, for sure. This hotel is located at 1 Netheravon Road, Changi, Singapore. It is really close to the beautiful Changi beach. On Traveloka, this hotel got more than 200 reviews, and most of the customers said they were satisfied with this hotel’s facilities.

Even though Village Hotel Change is a bit far away from the center of the city, there are still attractive attractions you can visit, such as Changi Point Coastal Walk, Lucky Plaza, Universal Studio Singapore, Singapore National Stadium, and Marina Bay Sands Casino.

So, have you ever decided yet which hotel you are going to visit for your next staycation plan? Don’t forget to use Traveloka to book your dream room for a staycation, either at Hotel 81 Chang or Village Hotel Changi. Traveloka does not only provide the facility to book a hotel, but Traveloka also provides you ticket flights, transportation accommodation, and there are many best deals and promos you can find on Traveloka. So, what are you waiting for? Come and book your dream hotel on Traveloka now!


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