How To Find Spirituality Within The Uniqueness Of Flowers

Mother nature has always been spendthrift in blessing the earth with her bounty. But we humans cannot value and imbibe them in our souls. We ran wild after things we created by dint of inquisitiveness and intelligence. You might agree with us on this aspect. Nature has cuddled us with unending joy, happiness, bliss, and, most importantly, peace.

You can understand it without havingve to go deeper. Simply get up early in the morning and have an unguided walk driven by no intent. Look at the flowers dipped in the due. Behold them…touch them…feel them, and you can realize the depths of the dark chasms of greater awakening.

The thoughts and feelings have the sharpness that can pierce through the narrow crooked boundaries we have created and transport you to a realm of greater realization…that’s spirituality for you.

If you want to break free of the ephemerality of this material bubble and find Spirituality from within the simple, seemingly blithe spirits wrapped in different colors, this one’s for you.


How To Find Spirituality Within The Uniqueness Of The Flowers

You give your friend a red rose in the morning, get a blush in return from the rosy cheeks, and be happy for the day. But it might be possible that the very next day, you two had different opinions on a subject, and you ended up in a quarrel. This is our narrowness in thoughts and outlook that we vainly search for happiness with a shallow perspective.

Flowers are the most delicate of creatures on earth, created by God. We can create countless beauties, but we can not create another flower. If you want to optimize the flower’s beauty to satiate yourself, move yourself from the world of transience and lightness of thoughts towards greater realization- the abode of spirituality.

Farming And Gardening Can Be Spiritual.

If you engage yourself in farming the flowers in your backyard garden, you can find the path of Spirituality. You have to prepare the soil or bed on which you plant the flowers. You sow the plant on the top bed. Thereafter you take care of things like watering and medicines. Finally, you observe that your flower blooms from the shrub.


Now you can see how a confluence takes place between nature, human beings, and the plant to create the most beautiful object on earth. You, too, have an important role in giving lives to the flower.

This thought of being one with nature can offer you a deeper sense of peace and spiritual prosperity. You can never buy or own this deeper realization by spending dollars and buying the most expensive bouquet.  

The Uniqueness Of The Flowers 

The four main parts of the flowers are the sepals, petals, stamen, and pistil. Each of them has a vital role to play in the development of a full-fledged flower. If you see the lotus with deeper eyes, you can experience the wholeness within these beautiful objects.

When you touch the soft petals of a rose, they give a feeling of softness that is beyond the periphery of the commonality. If you smell the sweet fragrance of Jasmine, you can sense purity, which can never be equated to the most expensive perfumes of Arabia. You can get them from online flower shop.

These characteristics of the flowers are unique in nature, and they promote a sense of tranquility and meditation. This is why if you keep these flowers, you can meditate deeply.

The Hollowness Of The Seeds 

The seed that bears life on earth bears a greater realization. You have observed that there is a hollowness inside the seed. This emptiness can be related to nothingness. Life sprouts from nothingness. This idea, the deeper philosophy, is common to most religious scriptures and texts like the Vedas or the Bible.

We get to relate it with the mustard seed in the Bible or the banya seed in the Vedas. This is why you will observe Buddha or the other Hindu gods and goddesses bearing flowers in their hands.

The philosophers and sculptors who imagined these deities with flowers in their hands must be well-versed in a deeper understanding of philosophy. They extracted the deeper philosophy of spirituality from within the flowers to create such masterpieces.

Top Flowers Associated With Spirituality 

To end the discussion, we would like to list flowers that represent Spirituality. They include lotus, Jasmine, lavender, rose, sunflower, daffodil, and lily. You have to devote your time and peace of mind to reach the deeper meanings of Spirituality.