Joy O’Renick Launches Maternity Fashion Brand, MARION

Motherhood involves plenty of challenges, especially when a woman tries to balance her career with her pregnancy and, later on, with her child-rearing. But the world often does not offer enough support and opportunities for women on this journey, and this is what school principal and educator Joy O’Renick discovered through her own experience.

Joy O’Renick kept searching for work clothes that would be professional and accommodate her pregnancy. Still, instead, she found things that were way too casual, made from cheap or low-quality materials, and workwear that did not accommodate her in appearance or usefulness. O’Renick decided to take the opportunity to bring her brand, MARION, to fill this gap and support working mothers and women who are expecting to the mass market scene.

Women today often pursue their careers and their families and don’t want to lose out on either goal. A professional wardrobe is an important part of being able to keep up with their work and progress. A wardrobe defines how women are perceived and viewed by others, as well as adds to their confidence or detracts from it if it doesn’t fit too well. MARION’s mission is to empower women to feel confident, cool, and professional at their jobs, no matter at which stage of their motherhood journey they are.


MARION offers a range of clothes designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women, so they are chic and comfortable, allowing each woman to fulfill her responsibilities while looking great and feeling good. The clothes are designed as regular professional clothes in terms of looks but also are carefully made to ensure they fit the particular needs of women at this stage in life. In addition, all clothes from MARION are sustainable and environmentally friendly, including carbon-neutral shipping and top-quality materials.

In addition to its mission, MARION does a lot of work to be accessible and support women everywhere. Its clothes come in many different sizes, and profits from each sale go to women’s healthcare and education across the world. In addition, MARION has a buy-back program in the works to ensure women of all backgrounds can access good maternity clothes that will boost their careers. The quality is premium, with durable and pleasant materials.

MARION fills an important niche that allows pregnant women and mothers to feel professional and look good in the workplace, with clothes that are great, high-quality, and varied. O’Renick borrowed from her own experience to ensure that women could receive something that honors their choices rather than an afterthought. 

You can learn more about MARION through their Instagram @marion_maternity, their Facebook @marionmaternity, and their website. MARION is always growing to best provide for women who are mothers or going to become mothers soon.


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