9 Best Men’s Hats Every Guy Should Know

Men’s accessories that always stay in style include big hats. Men’s hats come in various styles and colors, bringing functionality and style to any outfit, from fedoras to flat hats, straw hats to snapbacks.

They are also valuable and appropriate for any season. A hat will warm you up and protect you from the sun while making you look fantastic regardless of rain, hail, sunshine, or snow. Furthermore, hats can effortlessly yet creatively complete any casual, formal, or bohemian ensemble.

However, even the most stylish guy finds choosing a hat an unexpected challenge. In comparison, accessories like sneakers and watches provide several acceptable options; a simple hat is a final touch that can stylishly complete a particular suit.

There are so many hat options available that you could feel overwhelmed. This article will teach you about the top men’s hats you should know.

Flat Hat


A timeless hat that generally flatters everyone is the flat cap. It makes sense that some guys don’t like fashion. But after the baseball cap, this kind of headgear is typically the one that men choose.

Although the flat cap style is a reliable and secure option in every fashion scenario, this hat shape may still be popular in golf. For more formal events, use a gray or black variant; for colder fall weather, choose a green-like color.

A flat hat is handy when it drizzles in the late fall and winter. A decent wool cap will do the trick if you want to layer textures.

Straw Hat


Over the recent years, the straw hat style has gained popularity, and soon, it will become a genuine trend. While fedoras, bucket hats, and cowboy hats fall under the straw category, the full-brim straw hat deserves its mention.

A work coat worn with jeans and boots looks best when worn casually with a broad-brim straw hat. In addition, they look good when worn with chinos and a short-sleeved button-down shirt. Wearing a light straw hat and a linen suit will make you look like the boss, and people will separate to make way for you.

It is not advisable to choose a dark straw hat. The natural light color of straw hats looks best.

Snapback Hat


After the York City snapback gained popularity among Yankees supporters, the ’90s-style baseball cap suddenly appeared on the fashion scene. Today, snapbacks dominate the market and are preferred by cool kids, superstars, socialites, and hat enthusiasts everywhere.

The term refers to the hat’s adjustable rear closure. It is one-size-fits-all and offers a loose, oversized fit, just like its retro cousin, the dad hat. The snapback, however, has a more rigid and structured form. Snapbacks give every ensemble an effortless, instantly stylish vibe.

Trapper Hat


A trapper hat must be on your winter shopping list because it is cozy, fashionable, and classic. Trapper hats are available with a range of natural and artificial fur alternatives, and they are made from cowhide suede with leather trim.

There are contemporary versions of the trapper hat in various flannels, corduroy, and waterproof fabrics. These hats are ideal for the outdoorsman, and they holler adventure. Instead of combining a shirt and tie with this hat style, try rocking a pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt.

Panama Hat


A fashionable Panama hat is your most excellent warm-weather companion and a sign of good spirits because it is typically light in weight and color.

Originating from Ecuador, Panama hats are frequently constructed from the braided leaves of the toquilla palm plant, which, although not a true palm, resembles one quite a bit. The result is a hat that is well-built and incredibly breathable.

How is Panama wearable? The Panama hat is a summer and springtime accessory that goes well with seasonal clothing like fresh linen from brands like Polo Ralph Lauren.

Fisherman Hat


The Greek Fisherman hat is a great-looking cap that goes well with slim-fitting jeans and tailored shirts if you’re searching for a distinctive look.

The loose waxed cotton canvas used to make the crown often makes it relatively light and provides enough weather protection. These hats are perfect for showers in spring.

Greek fishermen’s or mariner’s hats can have either a long or a short front visor brim, depending on the hat designer you choose. Also, depending on your fashion sense, you can wear any of these brims.



The boater is yet another summertime need for men’s hats. Early in the 20th century, the popularity of this stiff top hat with a grosgrain band around the crown skyrocketed.

They were once common among barbershop quartets and in historical dramas but are now relatively uncommon. A boater hat is ideal if you desire to shine on the summertime fashion scene. They are a chic, amusing, and distinctive replacement for a fedora or other wide-brim hats. It’s time to bring back these hats featuring flat tops and broad brims.

Baseball Cap


There are many different baseball hat styles, from dad hats to snapbacks, but nothing beats a classic. Five-panel caps with straps were the first baseball caps that were worn as a part of the uniforms of baseball teams.

Baseball caps now serve as both a piece of sportswear and a fashion accessory. Because of their straightforward and stylish designs, baseball caps have become a choice of street-style icons and famous people.



In the past, wearing a fedora and a suit was standard office attire. But during its lengthy existence, Fedora’s appeal has expanded. To identify these fashionable men’s formal hats, look for the flattened crown with a lengthwise seam squeezed near the front on both sides and a soft brim of at least 2.5 inches.

The Fedora’s adaptability as a men’s fashion hat makes it popular. However, a kung fu grasp on personal style is required if you wear it with a smart-casual ensemble.

Choosing the Right Hat for your Style

Choosing your desired hat style is the first thing to do. The most casual hats are beanies and baseball caps, which are also the finest for cold weather. Top hats and fedoras represent the most official and traditional hats.

Finding a new go-to hat to add to the rotation might be difficult. If you want to break out of your hat loop, pick hats from this article with the proper clothes, events, and seasons. You’ll continue to appear stylish in a crowd.