What is microblading and microshading, is it a safe technique?

There are many current developments across different areas, allowing for newer, safer, and more lasting techniques to achieve effective results, and makeup is not the exception. Two novel techniques are microblading and microshading, which can help a person look their best and save a lot of time on doing up their eyebrows.

These techniques are similar to each other. Microshading or shading refers to a technique for making the brows look made up. It involves placing small bits of pigment dust on the eyebrows so they always look made up. Microshading lasts for a year to a year and a half. 

Microblading is a similar technique. With this, what the professional does is painting in the little hairs to create the image of an eyebrow. It is more like a semi-permanent tattoo that is highly detailed, with each individual hair tattooed in. A microblading process can last for about 3 to 5 years.

These are both examples of permanent or semi-permanent makeup, which also includes other procedures, like a lip blush. A lip blush is another type of permanent makeup that involves a more natural look for the lips and makes them look full without the need for injecting botox or anything else.  

These techniques are very safe when they are done by professionals with the right equipment. These procedures can be linked to a tattoo – they require a careful attention to hygiene and need to be done by someone professionally. But beyond that, there are limited risks. Very few people might have an allergic reaction to the pigment, for instance, so it’s a limited concern for most individuals. 

The broader spectrum of techniques like microblading and microshading are referred to as micropigmentation. This is a relatively new area in cosmetology, but it has been developed over the past few years, and currently there are organizations that supervise and license professionals to ensure that anyone looking for a great look gets exactly what they want. 

You don’t have to become a microblading or shading specialist to ensure you get a good service. Make sure you visit a specialized beauty salon that guarantees a good level of service and that has accredited makeup artists and microblading/shading specialists who can give you the best service. Avoid places that look cheap or dirty, and always check the reviews before hiring a service. Look for testimonials. It’s also best to choose places that specialize in micropigmentation rather than more general services because this means that the salon is sure to have the equipment and the expertise for the best results.

You can find a salon specializing in micropigmentation. Look for options in your area.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing either microblading or microshading. Both allow you to forget about doing your eyebrows and create a highly natural, polished look. It can help you keep looking amazing for more than a year and even up to five years, depending on what you choose.