Yvonne Sandomir shares her experiences as a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse on her podcast ‘Survivor Strong’

April 2023 – Yvonne Sandomir is a woman with a powerful voice, which she uses to share her experiences and unique perspective as a survivor of sexual and domestic abuse. She managed to overcome the hardships, and learn many vital life lessons, which she has actually chosen to share with others through her work as a certified life coach and author. In addition, Yvonne is a podcast host, who created the “Survivor Strong” podcast as a way to offer support and stories to people who have been affected by child abuse and are still dealing with the trauma that ensued.

“Survivor Strong” is quickly forming a true community of people who are willing to share their life experiences and feel empowered in an environment that’s safe, judgement-free and supportive for all. 

Find out more about Yvonne Sandomir, and do not miss “Survivor Strong,” which is available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and iHeart Radio, as well as Fireside, Facebook, and YouTube for those who wish to see it live!

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