5 Fun Book Wrapping Ideas For The Perfect Present

Whether it’s the holidays, an anniversary, or your best friend’s birthday, the act of gift-giving is an irreplaceable tradition that epitomizes the joy of celebration. There are tons of gift ideas, and one that’s very popular is gifting a book.

However, while taking your time to decide between giving a scrapbook or an intriguing novel is necessary, wrapping this book up to thrill the recipient is the real party starter. Read on as we learn 5 fun book-wrapping ideas for you to try.

1. Use A Photo Card


The trick with knowing how to wrap a book is creating a look that gets your friends and family hooked up right before they see the gift. And what better way to do this than make a photo card from a special memory, the face of your present.

Whether it’s a picture of you two at the beach, the last holidays, or another special event, adding a photo card from a special time adds some spark to the unwrapping experience.

2. Add Texture


Still on fun ways to make the book unwrapping experience more memorable; add some texture to the wrap by opting for handmade papers that are more tactile and have an extra feel to them.

If you want to take this up a notch, use a decorative fabric to wrap the book. This provides aesthetic satisfaction and can also be adjusted based on the color and theme of the book.

3. Add Some Seasonal Fabric


If your gift book is for the season, then a fabric décor that blends with the holidays is a no-brainer book-wrapping idea. So, if it’s a Christmas scrapbook, a red-green or red-white patterned fabric over the gift will add a seasonal touch to your gift.

4. Use Recycled Materials


An eco-friendly gift wrap is a clean sweep for the perfect book wrap in the spirit of going green. This is also a perfect way to gift a person who has a deep love and connection with mother earth, i.e., a biologist, florist, etc.

You can achieve this by recycling brown paper, old clothes, old towels, old newspapers, and so on. This not only saves the day and the earth but also adds a cool vintage feel to the book, which could even be a vintage storybook (but that’s for you to decide).

5. Ribbons! Ribbons! Ribbons!


When it comes to book-wrapping ideas, the finishing touches should never be compromised. Instead, the utmost care and thought should be put into ensuring that whoever receives your gifts will be left smiling before, during, and after the unraveling of the book.

The easiest and yet, most pleasing way to do this is with ribbons. These ribbons can be stocked up from craft stores and vary in colors. This shows that you know how to wrap a book excitingly and decoratively. For a lovely finishing touch, add a bow to the gift wrap.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to handing out gifts, what matters most is the thought put into it. However, you also need to properly and beautifully express this thought, and there’s no better way to do this than with the perfect gift book wrap.


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