What Are The Citizenry Rugs Types? The Citizenry Rugs with Mimoni!


Some significant global companies, which have a large consumer base all over the world, are reshaping their current production, marketing, and sales strategies around the ‘environmentally friendly’ discourse and making significant developments. However, since the first day of its establishment, many brands act with an ‘environmentally friendly’ understanding not only in their activities but also in their founding purpose. One of these brands is The Citizenry. In this article, we will examine The Citizenry rugs models.

Types of Citizenry Rugs       

The Citizenry rugs in various models are as follows:

  1. Area Rugs

  2. Accent Rugs

  3. Runners

  4. Ready-to-ship Rugs

  5. Rug Pads & Accessories

  6. Rug Size Guide

The Citizenry offers a variety of household products, from rugs to bedding to flatware. The company claims to offer high-quality, artisanal products for less than most traditional boutiques. Simply put, The Citizenry works directly with artisans to ship their craft directly to customers.

Artisans working in workshops, factories, co-operatives, and studios around the world get a fair wage in a safe and happy job. The Citizenry team works with 13 countries, including Uganda, India, Ireland, and Argentina.

 The Citizenry Rugs with Mimoni!  

The Citizenry is aware that humanity is a part of nature. With this awareness, the brand protects the ecosystem in every step it takes and works for a healthy future for our world. The brand also believes that protecting the environment is the responsibility of human beings. With this sense of responsibility, the brand does what it needs to do and uses nature-friendly raw materials at every stage from production processes to sales.

The Citizenry also believes that people should review their consumption habits to protect the future. Although natural resources seem endless, many of them are unfortunately in danger of pollution and depletion.

Inspired by nature in its designs, the brand bases its craftsmen on environmentally friendly components that will ensure the continuity of the ecosystem. As a result, The Citizenry uses pure ingredients that are sustainably produced. The brand defines that the sustainability of a design is as vital to us as its color and model.

The correct materials and quality workmanship increase the sustainability of designs. It is significant for the brand that customers can use the collections for many years with the quality of the first day.

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