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If you want to begin anything, it is best you start from home – this was the clarion call for the global humanity series. To see the story of Nicole Pino, you have to live her life – it is no easy one. To see things through her eyes, the crew of the global humanity series decided to go down to Crownpoint, New Mexico, where Nicole Pino raises the long steers she inherited from her father. 

Nicole’s struggles are not so unremoved from that of other ranchers who are equally trying to make the most of scarce resources in the Navajo Nation. She has an advantage, however. She is well educated, and she leads the Rodeo team as a coach at Navajo Technical University. 

As trained in tending to animals, single mother, and coach, adding Ranch owner to the extensive portfolio must have taken its toll. Thankfully, Nicole can count on her brother and sister and her two young children to help her walk through the conundrum of the day to day ranch operations. 

Their enthusiasm rings through the entire production about the fantastic work that Nicole is doing as a coach and a part of the local University community as well as on her ranch. The first episode of Global Humanity laser focuses on all these different aspects. 

Her children share in her enthusiasm about ranching, Logan Pino is only nine. Still, he is committed to learning how to ranch properly. He helps feed the steers already and even has a practice dummy bull, which he uses to train. Her daughter is equally wonderful with the handling of the animals. Her brother and sister, who assist her with the ranch’s day-to-day running, are not also left out. 

It was a delight to watch the rodeo team of the Navajo Technical University practicing their bull riding skills in the Arena. The Bull riders take their time under the supervision of their coach – Nicole Pino, who takes a video of each riding episode and suggests ways to make the experience better. Each bull rider lasts longer on the bull back. 

We met the bull riders and spoke briefly to them. A lot of them started bull riding really early, and their motivations are quite on the upside. Nicole Pino says this is the highest point of her entire hierarchy – the fact that someone else can look up to her, and she can serve as a motivation to the team. 

As she dishes out advice to the team members on how they can make adjustments to last longer on the back of the bucking bull, we watch the fascination in the eyes of the bull riders. They are aware that she isn’t just dishing out textbook knowledge, she has been right where they are now. 

It’s a shame that the 2019/2020 rodeo season got canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Come into the magic that is the Global Humanity series and explore it with us! 

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The show is directed by Christine Reidhead.

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