Top EBook Conversion Companies Review, Check it before hiring any services!

ebook conversion services review

Ebookifi offers the best ebook conversion services to authors and publishers.

If 30 years ago, anyone would have told you that people will be using a device in their hands that could have thousands of books on it, through which they will be able to read books, You would not have believed them.

But look, how fast the world has changed, and how easily people have adapted to the new tech.

Millions of people now use their smartphones to do their daily reading. Many people use an app such as Kindle or any other ebook reading app that allows them to read ebooks through their smart devices!

Why should you hire eBook conversion services?

If you are an author or a publisher, you might have a print version of your book. Or you might have heard of self-publishing online. But how do you do that? How do you convert your already existing material into an ebook? 

You would have heard of free automation tools that do the Conversion online. I would suggest being cautious with the free online converters since that can result in a clunky eBook. They might cause 

  • Improper formatting
  • Not retaining styles as per manuscript.
  • Not Retaining BoldItalics, and Underlines.

They might even add their URL in the ebook as free self-promotion for themselves. That can evoke poor user experience and affect your sales results despite your book’s great content.

A better solution would be to outsource it to ebook conversion companies that specialize in this work to focus your time on what you are great at!

When I did a quick google search, I found out a few links. I did some research on them to see which one can be used for ebook conversion services. Here are the details:


Ebookifi offers this service to authors and publishers. You can take your manuscript a level closer to completion by getting it converted into any popularly used ebook formats.

You can get it converted into a format suitable for Apple iBookstore (epub), Amazon Kindle (.mobi), Smashwords, etc. They do not use any automation program for the conversion process, which is great! They manually hand-code the eBook manuscripts using HTML and CSS codes. Doing this maintains the eBook’s originality.

It is also important to look for a company that takes the payment one time. There should not be any royalties associated with this work. Ebookify claims that they do not take any royalty payments.

Their prices seem reasonable. For example, for Kindle conversion, for up to 200 pages, they quoted $80.



2. Atozebookconversion

 Atozebookconversion claim to have converted over 8000+ titles.

They further claim that their Conversion Includes:

  •  Clickable TOC (Table of Contents)
  •  Active links for Websites, e-mail address, and other links.
  •  Remove page numbers, headers, and footers.
  •  Front matters (Title page, Copyright, Dedication, etc..)
  •  Formatting Images, Footnotes, Endnotes, etc..
  •  Authors meta-data inclusion.

Even their prices seem reasonable. For an ebook conversion for up to 200 pages, it would cost around $100 if your book has some images.



Some of the other websites that you can try are:

3. Bookbaby 

I tried checking out their pricing page. On that, I entered a small self-help book with up to 200 pages. They quoted a price of $338, which seemed too much on a higher side.  




They also offer the same services. However, I was not able to find any pricing page on their website. You have to submit your requirements before you can get a quote from them. In my opinion, it increases the time to get the work done since you cannot instantly decide because pricing information is missing.


5. ALPHA eBook

The website footer has a copyright mention of 2019. I get doubtful about companies that do not get their websites updated. After all, we are already in mid of 2020. The plus point is that they do have some Social Media postings in recent months.

6. eBookPartnership

Even this company does not provide the pricing information readily. So, you have to submit your requirements to them to receive a quote for the price.


I hope I have been able to be helpful in your research on finding a good ebook conversion Services company that can help you in getting your manuscript converted into an ebook!