The High Performance Chess Academy from Alberto Chueca trains chess champions.

Chess is one of the greatest intellectual pursuits of all time. It develops the mind in various ways, it helps create a lifelong love of learning, and it also can be a path to professional success and fulfillment. Many children who learn to play chess can reach amazing heights and benefit in a variety of ways when they receive adequate support and training.

The High Performance Chess Academy from Alberto Chueca is an institution with years of experience training chess champions. They know how to develop the potential of each child using their tested methodology.

High-Performance Chess Academy Alberto Chueca centers on a proven methodology that keeps the students engaged and marks an immediate development in their strategies, ability to think logically and plan for the future, and use of different techniques to win their games. This is clear in the achievements of many of their students. Omya Vidyarthi has become World Champion and three times Pan-American Champion. Vyom Vidyarthi has become an International Master. Pranav Sathish has managed to improve his ranking within little more than a year, adding 700 points to his stats. The methodology gives results quickly and sustainably, ensuring that the students are able to do better in their path to chess mastery. 

The academy has different options depending on the student’s level. The BB8 Team is for beginners who want to develop key concepts and learn about tactics, development, and endgames. There are several classes and masterclasses in reduced groups, with students being brought together for age and level. In addition, the students receive assignments and get access to one online tournament per month.

The Advanced Team features classes on advanced concepts with reduced groups, longer lessons, and play with other students of similar age groups and levels.

The PRO Training group features students of the highest level who get one-on-one lessons to improve their skills and work on any potential mistakes. This group requires a rating of over 1800 and features three monthly one-on-one lessons with international masters, masterclasses, chess trainer and more.

All the levels give the players access to The Rebel Alliance – the part of the academy that features previous masterclasses and class recordings, as well as a play area where they can continuously hone their skills and improve their work, matching wits against other players.

This academy is oriented towards results and does not feature classes that drag on or make the students lose interest. Instead, it centers on helping children become better and better until they can reach high rankings. In addition to improvement in chess, the institution works to provide more rounded support to all students. If you are serious about playing chess, it’s always great to have a chess coach who can guide you and help you improve your game.

You can discover more about this academy, check out the prices, and all the amazing opportunities they offer their students. The academy features masters of chess who operate with a methodology that can improve results fast and in a sustainable way as well. This is one of the top institutions working to develop children’s chess abilities with tangible results and a proven methodology.


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