The Catharsis Society provides an experience of support & positivity through Psychotherapy and Coaching to empower individuals.

What is the positive change you want to make? Maybe you wish to be rid of bad habits or get better at relationships or start your own business. Maybe you need a catharsis in your life, and that’s just what The Catharsis Society offers.

Catharsis is a Greek word that means a release of strong emotions to promote positive change. It is an ancient word and an ancient practice, but one that is as important today as it always used to be. The Catharsis Society strives to provide an experience of support, positivity, and change through life coaching and counselling to empower individuals to work through their problems and reach a better quality of life. 

The center supports anyone; however, it has become somewhat specialized in the unique challenges and struggles faced by men. In addition to other services, the Society runs a mentoring and support group for those men who want to improve the world, grow as humans, find their purpose in lives, and set higher standards for themselves. The mentoring program is concerned with relationships, hopelessness, and the difficulties of figuring out how to be a man in the modern world. With a unique premise and a lived experience, the group brings together people who want to support each other on a journey to a better self under the name of The Catharsis MANifesto Muster. 


In addition to counselling and life coaching, there are other services. The center runs ADHD workshops, business courses, sex and intimacy support, wellness seminars, group therapy sessions, and more. It also serves individuals who are on the NDIS Scheme or the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It’s possible to access paid and free webinars, courses, Q&As, and therapy and counselling sessions each month. 


Travis Ford is the founder of the Society. He is a licensed psychotherapist and counsellor, currently leading the practice. Travis is constantly learning and improving to better help his clients explore aspects of their experience and solve their current problems, those existing in their presence with an understanding of the past. A father of three, he understands well how hard it can be to fulfill the role of husband and father in the modern world. 

The Catharsis Society is based in 51 Bridge Road, Nowra, New South Wales 2541, Australia. The center offers online and face-to-face sessions and events. These can be booked through their website

The Catharsis Society has a unique approach to empowerment. They see each individual as the Hero of his or her own lives. The purpose of catharsis is to bring about some form of positive change in the individual’s life. In most stories, the Hero reaches a point of catharsis that changes who they are and inspires them to journey towards a better life. This is the experience the Society hopes to create for their clients through therapy, counselling, and support.

You can check out their Instagram @thecatharsissociety.


This is a guest post by The Catharsis Society.