Roflian Alayerdi Belo is raising money via crowdfunding for her sister’s treatment

Hi, my name is Roflian Alayerdi Belo. I’m here to raise money for my sister Olivia., My little sister, Olivia, started having headaches and was getting sick on and off for days. I took her to urgent care and doctors, who could not figure out what the issue was initially. After a few visits to different doctors, it was discovered to be brain cancer. My sister Olivia has a couple of tumors that have yet to be removed. My sister has been hospitalized since January 3rd and remains in the ICU as her brain continues to bleed.

If you have ever met Olivia, she leaves quite an impression! She is always full of energy, spunky, and as friendly as a little ten-year-old could be. She would dance, sing, and tell us stories of everything that happened that day – and everything that didn’t, that she wished would’ve happened! And now, to have the little spunky, sweet girl all quiet and in an ICU bed makes me cry.

I am the sole breadwinner in my family after my father divorced and left us with his new girlfriend. I have a motorcycle repair business, but during the pandemic, I had to apply for a loan at the bank to maintain my business. Since my sister was in the ICU room, my business was closed because of the operational costs I paid for my sister’s treatment. This is very unusual for me, but I have to do it so that my sister can survive her cancer. I am so desperate.
I am reaching out to everyone in hopes of supporting my little sister in this time of need, as the medical bill is still rolling out. Any help means everything to me, to my sister, and to my family. Thank you. God bless you

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