Mac Keyboard Tricks – A 2022 guide

Macs are the ultimate tools for enhancing productivity that are used by millions of individuals all around the globe. The seamless hardware and software combo that Macs feature facilitates users to perform tasks without hassle. The powerful operating system also features many top-tier native utilities that enhance the device’s capabilities.

For instance, many users prefer macOS’ in-built Safari browser over other browsers, thanks to its top-tier features. Moreover, users also prefer using the default Mail app over others primarily due to its user experience.

According to Apple, the upcoming macOS Ventura update will feature numerous upgrades in native utilities such as Safari, Spotlight, etc. Similarly, another native functionality of macOS that sets it apart from the rest of the competition is its range of native keyboard shortcuts. macOS offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to users, using which they can perform almost any activity without using their mouse. Keyboard shortcuts not only facilitate users to perform numerous tasks without hassle but also help them in saving time. Thus, using keyboard shortcuts helps users to work more productively. To ensure all Mac users get the most out of their device’s keyboard, this article will feature some of the most efficient keyboard tricks they can use to work more efficiently and without hassle.

Let us dive right into it:

● Copy and Paste Portions of Text

Copying and pasting play a crucial role in the lives of users. The handy functionality facilitates users to save time by allowing them to copy content from a place and paste it anywhere they want. To further simplify the process, macOS allows users to copy and paste text by pressing a few keys together. If you are a macOS user and wish to copy a certain portion of text, all you need to do is select the portion you wish to copy and press the “Command” and “C” keys together. Similarly, if you wish to paste the copied content anywhere, you can do it using the dedicated keyboard shortcut for pasting, i.e., by pressing the “Command” and “V” keys together.

● Insert Symbols and Special Characters

Special characters and symbols help users in numerous ways. For instance, it allows them to represent values other than numbers or letters. However, the Mac keyboard features only a selected few symbols and special characters. Thankfully, macOS offers an easy way following which users can access numerous types of special characters. If you wish to access the special characters keyboard on your Mac, one of the most effective ways is by enabling the option to view all symbols. There are two ways following which users can do so.

They can either do it manually by keeping the “System Preferences” app, navigating to the Keyboard section and checking the box beside the “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in the menu bar,” or by using the dedicated keyboard shortcut (“Control” + “Cmd” + “Space”). Once you implement either of the aforementioned methods, you will easily be able to insert any symbol or special character you want with ease.

● Access Spotlight

Searching for files by scouring through your Mac’s local drives is tedious. Hence, most users prefer using macOS’ native Spotlight utility for finding files. Spotlight allows users to quickly get hold of applications, documents, emails, and numerous other items on their Mac.
Besides this, the app’s integration with Siri allows users to get hold of the latest news, weather report, stock-related information, and more. If you use Spotlight frequently, you should seriously consider using the dedicated keyboard shortcut for accessing the app to save time and effort. Instead of manually navigating to the app, you can conveniently invoke it by pressing the “Command” and “Space” keys together. Doing so will open the search box, using which you can search for anything.

● Hide the Active Window or Quit the Application

There come instances when you wish to work privately on something on your Mac. However, preventing others from looking at your screen may not always be possible. Thus, one of the best ways to ensure that nobody manages to look at what you are doing on your Mac is to hide the active window instantly. The most effective way to hide your Mac’s keyboard is to press the “Command” and “M” keys together. Doing so will instantly minimize your window without closing it. The trick comes in exceptionally handy while working from an office with many people around you. However, there may be times when you wish to close the active app or tab altogether.

Thankfully, macOS provides a dedicated shortcut for doing so. You can close the active program instantly by pressing the “Command” and “W” keys together.

If you wish to use your Mac more productively, you should seriously consider learning and mastering the default shortcuts macOS offers. To work more efficiently on your Mac, follow the useful keyboard tricks mentioned above.


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