How Covid-19 has Changed the Healthcare Industry and how ESHYFT can Help…

The shortage of staff is one of the biggest problems currently facing the healthcare industry. These shortages include specialists, nurses, aides, medical technicians, and dietary technicians. Many of these workers are either infected with Covid 19 or afraid of contracting the virus, which then leads them to stay at home. Also, unemployment benefits have proven to be another reason that people stopped going to work. As a result, nursing homes and other medical facilities have difficulty finding enough employees to fill their work shifts and care for their residents.

It is said that; “necessity is the mother of invention,” which is exactly how ESHYFT was born. ESHYFT is an app that is really worthwhile looking into. Their business model aims to solve this very problem of staffing shortages.

Aryeh Magid is the director of operations at ESHYFT and works alongside the Founder and CEO Asher Brody, who ran an assisted living facility for 7 years back in the early 2000s. Being in the healthcare industry for 10 years, he has learned a lot and has a good overall understanding of all aspects of this industry.


The brand-new technology, which has only recently been launched, is a marketplace that connects nursing home facilities with CNA’s, LPN’s and RN’s. Facilities can post their shift needs on the ESHYFT app. Important details, such as the facilities chosen pay rate, shift time, and available position, can be added. Once this is posted, the individual interested in picking up a shift can simply cruise through the app and pick a time and place that works for them. ESHYFT charges a small fee in addition to the pay rate your facility has included.

This exciting piece of technology cuts out the middleman and allows your healthcare facility to have complete control of who and when you hire staff. In essence, ESHYFT is acting as your own agency, one that you control for very little cost. The ease with which schedulers can fill their CNA, LPN, and RN staff is remarkably simple and effective.

Facilities no longer need to get the run around from staffing agencies. They can simply open the app and see exactly who has applied for which shift and how much they will be paid. This definitely seems to be the future for both facilities and staff alike.

Check it out because ESHYFT actually works, and sometimes simple is the best way to go.

You can find out more about ESHYFT by visiting their website or call them at 800.949.5188. You can also check out their Instagram and Facebook or download ESHYFT’s app on Playstore and Apple Store.


The above guest post has been written by Abi Lipner.