Augmented Reality at its best! Dance with your favorite character and song in Memik App…

Can you picture what it would look like if you introduced the world of dance to the technological world of AR (Augmented Reality)? 

Well, it looks like the MEMIK app.

Memik is the birth child of Sciberus Technologies. A perfect bond between dancing and technology, Memik creates an imaginative reality.


Cori Stylez, who is most known for being the mother and manager of up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Street Bud, is the creative mind behind the energy that Memik provides. Her experiences with being in the transforming worlds of entertainment and motherhood afford her the insight to understanding what Memik needs to look and feel like. Ms. Stylez’s creative vision is embedded in the selection of music and talent, as well as the creative visions used for marketing. Memik reflects Ms. Stylez’s energy and youthfulness. It is also a reflection of her brilliance.

To introduce itself to the Social Media world, Memik did a soft launch for the Christmas season. The launch includes a dance challenge where a lucky user will win a Sony PlayStation 5. 

To ignite this launch and ensure that Memik’s reach would extend beyond Social Media, Memik enlisted Dennis Scott’s help. Dennis Scott, an NBA veteran and NBA commentator for TNT, is the architect behind building the strong and unique partnerships that shape Memik’s identity. With a strong presence in the entertainment and the music industry, Mr. Scott is connected to a host of very influential friends and associates. Through these powerful connections, Mr. Scott is making the Memik brand more than just a household name. He is ensuring that Memik will become legendary.

Check out the Memik Challenge here

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