Do you know where you come from? Ancestry DNA Test can help you with the answer


Do you know where you come from? You might know your parents and your grandparents, but how much further does your knowledge extend? Do you know your roots and your ancestors?

At one point, these questions were mostly unanswerable. But today, we have all the data to answer them from a scientific standpoint, using DNA to identify all your roots and every aspect of your heritage. You can learn more about your identity, going back hundreds of years. Identify all the countries and cultures that have a tie to who you are today.

24Genetics strives to provide the best ancestry DNA Test available today. It measures data against an extensive DNA database with genomic markers from all across the world, which can help identify the specific places your ancestors come from. In addition, the company goes deeper than any other test available now, providing twice the information so that you will learn more about your heritage up to hundreds of years back.

How does it work?

The test uses autosomal DNA, which involves genetic information from both parents and information inherited from past generations, hundreds or thousands of years back. The test analyzes over 700 000 genetic markets to achieve an incredible and unprecedented level of detail, paired with some of the finest algorithms in the modern genetic ancestry market. In addition, the test continues to improve to achieve even greater accuracy with regional data, something that was previously unheard of in this type of ancestry research.

The DNA test is very simple to take, and the results become available in a few weeks. It arrives with a kit and instructions, as well as instructional videos. After depositing the saliva sample in the test tube, you just need to send it back and get your report in several weeks.

The test focuses on your ancestors going far back, even as far back as two thousand years, more so than the more recent data. It is possible to find, thanks to Autosomal DNA, data about 25 to 30 generations before your birth. This can provide insight into where you truly come from and where your ancestors have lived for the past several generations, in particular, going back to your distant roots and where they might connect you.

24Genetics can offer a unique service. They provide your ancestry percentage by state, region, and even province. This is a level of detail most tests have not yet reached.

Knowing your heritage can satisfy a deep need within you, which is shared by most people. Knowing where you come from and what your ancestors went through can offer unique insights into who you are and what cultures you are most connected to. It can offer answers that can help you trace your own path and the path of your ancestors through the complex and often painful history of the world.

24Genetics offers a test that is unmatched in depth and specificity. You can discover particular details about where your ancestors come from through a simple test.