5 simple tips to clean your home with wiping rags to save your time, money and energy

There are many ways to clean a house. Some people swear by the “classic” techniques they learned from their parents and grandparents, while others are more fond of modern lifehacks. Whatever approach works best for each person, there are some great tips to consider whenever you start to clean to get the best results and tips to save time, money, and energy. 

Plan and buy in bulk 

You can prepare for the best experience beforehand. Don’t rush out to get what you need in the nearest store. First, it can just be an excuse to avoid getting started, and second, cleaning supplies can be much cheaper when acquired in bulk. This is important for supplies that you prefer or that are not reusable. You can, for instance, find a latex surgical gloves manufacturer and get gloves directly or, at least, buy a large stock and not worry about having the right tool at hand for the next few years. 

Prepare beforehand 

Cleaning and doing chores are not favorite activities for many. This is why you might use any chance to get distracted or take a break, which ends up just dragging the whole thing out. Put your phone on airplane mode and put on your music. Make sure you have all your supplies ready to go or else you risk getting sidetracked by going to fetch that wiping rag or this cleaner.

Start from the top 

The next thing to consider is that you should not be working from the bottom up, as dust from above can leave your countertops less shiny than before. Instead, work your way from the things on top so that you don’t have to repeat the same process two times or more. This doesn’t just apply to rooms. Always make sure that you are moving in a logical direction and not making your work any harder than it needs to be.

Use quality supplies 

Using an old cloth might be cheaper, but it’s not always better than a microfiber rag. Supplies and tools that have a poor quality or are reused time and again lose their effectiveness or do not have much in the first place. By using quality products, you can save time and effort. It’s not to say that simple products are bad or that you should always get the most expensive thing, but rather that quality can make a big difference in how many times you have to scrub the same surface, for instance.

Prepare for next time

Sadly, cleaning is a reocurring process. But you can always make it a bit easier for next time by leaving things in an organized way. Clean your supplies and tools properly to prevent bacteria from making a home in your sponge. Make sure that things don’t get confusing. For example, if you are using mixed rags, make sure to wipe the bathroom with a specific color so that you remember not to use it in the kitchen. Make your next cleaning less complicated and confusing by leaving everything in its place, clean, and ready to go.