Musician and internationally known yoga icon Wai Lana’s song River of Forgiveness is a versatile melodic masterpiece!

Yoga Icon and musician, Wai Lana, is thrilling her fans with a new music video – River of Forgiveness. It offers a deep and meaningful, personal experience that draws on her decades of yoga practice and teaching.

River of Forgiveness flows in the same vein of Wai Lana’s other work, all of which is intended to help people lead happier, healthier lives. She is an internationally recognized yoga teacher and musician who incorporates the wisdom of yoga into her lyrics. This new video was released to coincide with the celebrations of International Day of Friendship and Global Forgiveness Day to help amplify the importance of forgiveness in all of our relationships.

Wai Lana has found music to be a very effective way to spread hope and positivity to people all over the world. Her songs—with their unique, uplifting melodies and hopeful, inspiring lyrics—provide the perfect backdrop for people to be meditative and experience inner peace and calm. Wai Lana’s music serves as an attractive introduction to yoga’s teachings and practices because it is so accessible and relatable to everyone, no matter their age, background, or culture.

For Wai Lana, music has always been a big part of her yoga practice and is something she has carefully incorporated into the materials she has developed for others, such as her yoga instructional videos and Wai Lana Insights TV series. Wai Lana is a unique and compelling artist who joyfully shares the practices and wisdom that have benefitted her so much in her own life. For Wai Lana, yoga and music are not a business. They are a calling that allows her to share something truly valuable with others, and this goal is clearly present in River of Forgiveness.

With its encouraging message and upbeat melody, River of Forgiveness is sure to resonate with many different audiences. The track is sometimes vulnerable, sometimes humorous, and highlights the importance of compassion and forgiveness. With its beautiful, soothing, and hopeful message, River of Forgiveness is a very healing song that can help bring relief to those struggling with anger or resentment.

You can find more about Wai Lana on her website. You can follow her on social media on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram @wai_lana, and Twitter @wailanayoga where you’ll discover more beautiful tracks, instructional videos, and practical tips for living a healthy yoga lifestyle.


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