Unleash Your Potential with Carol Singer’s Motivational Masterpiece: ‘Bubbles & Balls

Bubbles & Balls is a fun, humorous, quick read with a motivational spin. It’s meant not just to entertain but to provide a boost of inspiration, self-knowledge, and authentic being. Carol Singer has created a fun, engaging read that is sure to offer readers a lot of value.

Bubbles & Balls is a book full of positive energy and a lot of inspiration for readers from any walk of life. The author can easily inspire the reader to trust in themselves, and she also tells a fun story with plenty of humor along the way. It can help readers take the negative energy in their lives and transform it into something bigger and better, learning to trust in their inner selves. 

This book is perfect for readers who feel that they have lost touch with themselves. It’s for especially meant for those who feel trapped in a life that’s not quite their own. But Carol Singer has a message: you got this! She intends to inspire readers to take control and find the strength to get through the tough times and love themselves.

The book explores practical ways to listen to one’s inner voice and take control. It’s full to the brim with positive energy and promotes a mindset shift for the better. You can find Bubbles & Balls on Amazon:

Carol Singer, the author, is speaking from experience. She does exactly what she preaches. She describes herself as a free spirit and a professional singer, dancer, and, now, also an author. The author has degrees in Dance, Physiology, and Anatomy and has worked as a performer in the United Kingdom and other countries. The pandemic came to turn her life upside down, just as it did for many others, and challenge her to the extreme. In a chaotic mess, she was able to face the many difficulties of being a single parent in a world that went wild. During this time, Singer connected more deeply with her true mission of uplifting others and helping them grow and better themselves. She was able to overcome a series of challenges, including a phobia of technology, to develop new skills and enter a new world. At age 55, Carol also discovered herself as an empath and was able to start listening to her intuition.

This is a fun read for adults who feel trapped or confused. It’s a perfect option for individuals who are in a difficult place and have lost sight of their true selves and their intuitions. Carol Singer hopes to help them reconnect and be able to listen to themselves rather than just following everyone else. 

Discover everything this lovely book has to offer. With humor, it becomes a pathway to self-discovery and enjoyment, a life full of freedom. The author knows exactly what she is talking about as she invites readers to walk alongside her on the way to new achievements and ideas by listening to one’s own inner voice.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Singer. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Hi Carol, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, my name is Carol Singer, and I’m a singer (that is Equity’s fault as I couldn’t be my real name for insurance purposes) so, Carol Singer is, for my creative world, a singer, writer, motivator in all that I do.  

I wish to raise the Vibrational Frequency on this planet to help people realize what amazing awesome human beings they are.  

Please tell us about your book, Bubbles & Balls.

Bubbles & Balls‘ is a Crazy FUN Quick boost read to motivate, inspire, and help people know who they are to trust their being, their knowing, and be who they came here to be.  

I was a technophobic a few years ago, and I’m so thankful for all the help I’ve had and so lucky to have my amazing family and friends that I’m going forward to shine a light. We are all one.

I created these crazy drawings in lockdown as I was Juggling those balls, thinking, what the heck am I going to do? Anyway, do have a look and grab a coffee; it’s a Crazy FUN Quick boost and has already helped many who have read the book. 

The book is ranking TOP 500 on Kindle Direct Publishing, Best Selling Rank Parodies, TOP 5 on Self-help and TOP 10 in Humor.

Please share with our readers about your journey. 

I was in a manipulative marriage for 20 years, then another one, and then broke away to be FREE. Then, Covid hit, all work was canceled, and then I tragically lost my awesome, beautiful son Oscar, who was 16 years old just a few years ago. I was going to publish this in September 2021, but we lost Oscar, was in complete shock, and after much therapy and help, I’m going forward. I do not necessarily want to focus on the loss of Oscar as I will be setting up a foundation for him with my daughter, but I want people to know that they can get through whatever it is they are experiencing, and they do not need to stay in unhealthy situations. They are the ones who can set themselves free. 

I do have another book in the wings that was going first, but on the production side, it’s taken a long time, so that will be next month, and it is completely different to ‘Bubbles & Balls.‘ A few months back, I spoke to my son’s friend, and I was struggling with publishing this, but he said, ‘Oh my God, you must publish it because Oscar thought it was funny.’   

Anyway, I am FREE now, but I lost my son along the way – as I hear and feel him and know he is on another dimension that helps me enormously. I will write about Oscar when I’m ready; it’s a very sad story.   

Any message for our readers? 

Trust your Gut, Listen to your inner voice, and Follow and act upon it. Know that you are an awesome, amazing human being, whatever the challenges have been. I know I’ve had a good chat with God, Universe, Source, etc, many times. To be who they came here to be.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about your book? 

I am on Instagram @carolsingerauthor and TikTok @carolsinger55.

Thank you so much, Carol, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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