Steph Delz’s upcoming album ‘Sonic Variance’ featuring the single ‘Lockjaw’ chronicles 20 Years of musical brilliance

Steph Delz is bringing an exciting new album, Sonic Variance, which offers an experimental blend of rap with psychedelics to create a wholly new style. Sonic Variance is an album with a lot to offer and with a deep meaning to the lyrics, unexpected twists, and sounds that capture the attention and the imagination. Steph Delz’s latest single “Lockjaw” from his tracklist ‘CollidaScope’ showcases experimental hip-hop genius’. Lockjaw is the newest release from Steph Delz, produced by the artist himself.

Steph Delz is an artist who is on his way to becoming a rap star thanks to his experimental work that has captured the attention of the dynamic music scene. He blends experimental, lo-fi styles with complex lyrics and a lot of reflection.

Sonic Variance reflects a complex blend of styles that is full of skill and showcases the artist’s unique approach to making music. It is unexpected and makes for fun listening, as the audience remains spellbound, wondering what will come next. 

Steph is known for a unique style, with a unique delivery and flow that are memorable and significant. He creates original work that integrates modern styles with old-school rap, always with a deep understanding of what makes the genre tick. He knows exactly what he is doing and manipulates his music masterfully to create melodic hits and gorgeous rap tracks.

Steph Delz is also known as Steph Delz Ika Naija-Am Luka and is an artist who has been in the industry for over two decades. He puts that expertise to good use in creating his amazing tracks. Sonic Variance promises to be a new cherry on top of a successful music-making career full of passion and style.

Sonic Variance is not just a new release but also a career retrospective that takes the listener through the artist’s most notable releases from a broad catalog that he has built for the past 20 years, from 2003 to 2023 so far. His goal is to make quality hip-hop, and Sonic Variance is a 17-track retrospective with a unique formula and a combination of styles.

Listeners should check out Sonic Variance if they enjoy the classics of rap, such as Eminem, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Drake, Snoop Dog, and other artists with unique styles, passion, and focus, like Jay Electronica, Killah Priest, and MF Doom. 

You will be able to find Sonic Variance streaming on SoundCloud and other platforms when this much-anticipated release finally hits the shelves on the 16th of June of 2023, coming very soon to all the streaming spaces and is sure to make a huge impression on the music industry. Make sure to check out his work on YouTube, and other music streaming platforms, as well as read more about him and follow his success on social media. Delz creates effective hip-hop tracks, fun music, and experimental pieces that will leave you stunned.


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