Michael S. Warner turns 20 Years of Military Experience into Success Strategies in his book ‘Foresight is 20/20’

Foresight is 20/20: 8 Strategies for Success to Overcome Obstacles is the fascinating guide to harnessing the power of 20 to improve your professional life, make better choices, overcome obstacles, and reach success however you choose to define it. Author Michael S. Warner draws from his unique military experience to build a guide full of powerful insights and strategies for anyone to engage.

Your “20” is the most important thing you need to pay attention to. This refers to borrowing from military terms, your current place, and your current location, not just in the literal sense but also a symbolic one. We usually remain too focused on what happened in the past or on the things yet to come, often those that make us feel anxious. Warner takes the listener on a journey that will lead to them understanding their 20, their here and now, in a powerful way.


20 is a number that means a lot to the author. Michael Warner has been with the Air Force for a good 20 years of service and is currently planning his retirement from this honorable organization, two decades after his first deployment to Iraq, two decades of honorable service, and two decades of incredible experience. Warner supported the OEF and the OIF numerous times and was part of the team supervising the withdrawal of the troops from Afghanistan 20 years after they entered this country. 20 becomes a number both symbolic and practical and the center of this powerful book that draws from the author’s unique experience.

The power of 20 represents overcoming fear and finding courage, being able to face any challenge, and also finding a way to cultivate one’s potential to reach success. It draws from the unique experience the author has and builds a solid guide for achieving success that can benefit readers from all walks of life. The author’s expertise provides a solid foundation for developing strategies people can apply to change their daily lives.

Warner released this book in 2021 during deployment and is now working to help this book also reach its potential, just as it is currently meant to help readers achieve. Warner wants to harness the power of 20 further to get 20 thousand people to change their lives by selling 20 thousand copies of this guide. 


Foresight is 20/20: 8 Strategies for Success to Overcome Obstacles is sure to provide a powerful read with the potential to turn around a life. It changes habits and creates a clear, actionable road to change. This is a powerful book that centers 20 as a symbol for change, hard work, and achievement that the author has built in his own life as a member of the Air Force and someone with a long road behind him but also a long road ahead. It might especially interest those readers looking for a change.

You can find out more about this fabulous guide here. Discover what the power of 20 can do for you and harness these amazing strategies for yourself with this book.

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