Author Matthew Weintrub’s book ‘The Psychedelic Origin of Religion’ delves into the origin of religion and spiritual experiences

The Psychedelic Origin of Religion is a recent release from Matthew Weintrub, known for his work as a psychedelic activist, professor, and healer. Here, Weintrub explores the origins of world religions and connects the popular shamanic practices and spiritual rituals to the use of psychedelics in different parts of the globe.

The Psychedelic Origin of Religion offers a controversial and fascinating perspective on the roots of different world religions, which can be traced to the common heritage of psychedelic use and shamanism, communion with the world beyond, and the use of different psychoactive substances in rituals since the earliest human societies.

The book draws from Weintrub’s own experience and a lot of other sources, which use research and stories to prove the point of how these psychedelic substances have always been used to connect people to the divine and facilitate spiritual experiences and insights. This comes at an important time when people are looking for spirituality, healing, and connection more than ever, as the modern world often feels lacking in divinity.

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Beyond just a new way of interpreting history and a fascinating proposal of a new perspective, the author also encourages readers to examine their own spiritual practices and consider how psychedelics might be incorporated as a way to find an in-depth connection. The book focuses on religion through a historical lens but also provides modern readers with a lot of reflection and even ideas for spiritual practices.

Matthew Weintrub is a person with a fascinating history of his own. At 19 years of age, he worked on healing himself with psychedelics, which led to him being threatened with up to a decade in prison for changing his life in this way. Since this time, Weintrub believes that he has helped countless people through the same method that helped him, promoting this approach to healing. In 2019, he stated that he received a vision and a mission from God, which involves teaching others about psychedelics and also other topics, such as reincarnation, prayer, fasting, and beyond.

Matthew Weintrub is the founder of Ohai Wellness, a psychedelic wellness center, and describes himself as a reincarnated being who came back to Earth to share his message with anyone willing to hear it. He founded the Legalize Psychedelic Medicine nonprofit, an advocacy organization that fights for the right to heal with psychedelics. Over the years, he has trained in indigenous healing practices with Fuego Sagrado de Itzachilatlan in yoga, meditation, and holistic healing. He worked at various prestigious universities, such as UCLA and UC Berkeley, teaching UX design and did UX work for

The audiobook version is available for free, so any reader can get a taste of the ideas the author offers. You can learn more on the website, which explores the different ideas Weintrub has and the mission he is pursuing, that of healing. You can connect with Matthew on Instagram @heytrub.

The book is sure to interest those looking for materials on psychedelics and historical perspectives on religion.


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