Maria Colomy’s book ‘They Might Be Toxic’ is a quick and easy guide to identify toxic relationships

Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Maria Colomy. She is the author of ‘They Might Be Toxic.’ Her book is no.1 in multiple categories on the Kindle store, including Codependency, 90 Minute self-help short reads, and Self-help for abuse. 


They-Might-Be-Toxic They-Might-Be-Toxic


Hi, Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do. 

My name is Maria Colomy, and I am an author and lifelong creative and marketing director. 


Please tell us about your book, They Might Be Toxic. 


My book, They Might Be Toxic, was inspired by my own healing journey. In learning about my own toxic relationship patterns, I realized that the language that is used is often psychological in nature. 

 As a former college instructor, I am aware that teaching with jargon is useless. 

 If one has no idea what the language means, they’re not going to identify with it. I also recalled a time in my past when I was in a relationship so toxic that I had almost no privacy. Reading a book or writing in a journal was out of the question, so I wrote the book so it could be read during a lunch break – even the Audible version is 35 minutes short. 

 Though the book covers a heavy subject, there are a few laughs. It’s not filled with a lot of storytelling, but instead useful questions, bullet points, and journal prompts.

Any message for our readers 

This book is for everyone because toxic relationships are everywhere. There is also a podcast of the same name that launched this week. You can check it out on youtube: 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

Fans can check the book’s Instagram page @theymightbetoxic or contact me via instagram @mariacolomy or they can also check out my website


Thank you so much, Maria, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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