Listen to podcast ‘The A Game with Muskan’ by Muskan Sethi and experience intelligent conversations

The A Game with Muskan is a podcast hosted by Muskan Sethi, and it’s a great resource for adding value to your community and following your passion in the most effective way. Here, you will find conversations with leaders in their fields and individuals who have made their dreams a reality. 

Muskan Sethi is a personality to look out for. She is a First Ladies Awardee and is best known as the founder of the DoggyDoo app, as well as a Team Pro on This showcases just a bit of her journey and how she has also followed her dreams, so the things she discusses on the podcast are not just theory but rather practice from someone who is able to achieve and accomplish a lot. 

The A Game with Muskan follows the journeys of different people who add a lot of value to their communities and society as a whole. However, on the way there, they do not deviate from doing what they truly want, what inspires them. Their passions can be common and seem even conventional, while others have vocations that go beyond the norm, but either way, they go deep and offer significant value to others. It tells the stories of people who are not afraid to challenge what society expects of them and still find a way to create useful, amazing, and creative contributions that leave those around them in awe. 

The A Game with Muskan explores not only the stories of these remarkable individuals but also the ideas they have for improving the lives of others through their unique expertise, which can be broad or specialized, or both. You will find a new episode of this podcast airing every Thursday.

A remarkable episode centers on Social Etiquette, Business Protocol, and Grace Under Pressure. Here, Sethi has a conversation with Konkana Bakshi, known as Miss Elegance World 2008. Bakshi is known for her unique style and exquisite taste, which can be enjoyed at @savoirfairre. The podcast focuses on her experience with etiquette in her home country and beyond and also on business etiquette on an international scene. 

The topic becomes important as people have to work more frequently in diverse spaces and need to account for the idea of etiquette. For example, how to come off well from a meeting with a customer? How to properly bridge the gap? It tackles a lot of topics, for example, in the first episode, Ms. Bakshi’s advise offers intercultural perspectives that are sure to help anyone interested in the topic. For others, it can open a whole world of possibilities, as etiquette is often ignored, but it can be a powerful tool for success.

You can find the podcast The A Game with Muskan on Apple podcasts and on other podcast sites as well.  You can find the host on Instagram with the handle Muskansethi5 and on Twitter as muskaansethi. You can also find the podcast, with some additional video for extra flavor on her youtube channel.