If you like novels filled with unexpected twists, check out Shelby MacKenzie’s Making the deal

Making the Deal is the first book in the Deal series, a thrilling set of romance books that take place in the fast-paced and ruthless world of entrepreneurship and law. Rayna and Jax are getting into a merger for their firms, but what they did not expect was to find love at first sight as they deal with corporate mergers!

This exciting, sensual novel follows Rayna, a fiery businesswoman, and litigator with a big successful firm. Now, she is one step away from more money and power than she could ever picture having. But, the offer is on the table, and Rayna just needs to get a large law firm on board. On the other side of the romance, there is Jax. Jax is an ambitious lawyer with a firm that is about to take him to the next level, and he is putting it all into his deal. Jax knows his way around in the harsh corporate waters. 


Rayna and Jax meet and see sparks flying, but at first, it’s sparks of steel against steel. Then, as the merger is certain to be difficult and the power struggle escalates, a secret, shameful attraction emerges. But how will they manage their firms and the huge deal in front of them?

Making the Deal is sure to please fans of fast-paced romance. It is set in a corporate world, which adds a lot of thrills, twists, and turns. The book is passionate, knowing how to build the tension between the two leads and keep the readers following along at top speed.

Shelby MacKenzie is an author who enjoys telling stories of love and heartbreak with happy endings. She is based in the Midwest and adores traveling across both east and west coastline. In addition, she is a big fan of holiday decorations. While not engaged in plotting another romance, Shelby edits legal briefs and finds some fun trouble to be in alongside her friends.

This book is a great option for fans of romance with a touch of thrilling excitement. It has an engaging setting and one that the author is very familiar with. The corporate world provides an exciting backdrop, sizzling with tension and intrigue. It is sure to invite many readers to follow the book series and have fun with the romance and the legal aspects of the novel that provide a unique detail to the setting with some real-life experience from the author.


You can get the first book of the Deal series on Amazon. Don’t miss the fun antics and sensual adventures of Making a Deal. In addition, you can follow Shelby MacKenzie on Instagram @shelbymackenziebooks. Here you can find illustrations and images of the book characters, cocktail recipes, and a lot of additional details and fun behind-the-scenes experiences of the book. You can also learn more about the author here.

Stay tuned for new books in the Deal series and see where fate will take your favorite characters next, and don’t forget to check new releases from MacKenzie.


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