Get swept away by the romance and intrigue of ‘Torn’ by Author Estralia Russelle

Torn is the thrilling, romantic release from Estralia Russelle. It’s a book characterized by passion and a deeper meaning that helps it easily stand apart from other novels in the genre. You can find Torn available across different online retailers, including Barnes and Noble, and others.

Russelle is a former teacher who has worked across different nations and has traveled the world. She has worked in public schools and also has worked with alternative healing, building up a unique profile and set of skills. 

In her retirement from teaching, Estralia is living her life fuller than ever. She started Estralia Books as a way to explore her passions for spirituality, nature, and understanding people. She is hoping to use her books as a way to communicate with others and help them improve the ways in which they communicate and how they see the world, teaching what she has learned of her wisdom to change the perception of reality her readers might have. But this exploration is not dense, thanks to the exciting stories that Estralia tells through novels such as Torn.


Torn follows Anora, who has just become separated from her boyfriend, Winston. Now, she is moving to Australia to get to know her biological family, discover her own identity, and maybe find something new. But she meets Hawthorne, a tall and fascinating stranger with a handsome face. But now she is torn between her old and new flames, as Winston asks Anora to wait for him as he pursues his vocation. Who will Anora choose, as both evoke a deep passion in her heart? Will she remain loyal to Winston for the two years he has requested of her before they marry, or will she choose the new opportunities that Hawthorne is bringing into her life? All the while, Anora is also discovering herself and her roots, reconnecting with a large family she never knew, not just with her mother but also with her siblings, aunts, and even more relatives, close and distant. Who will heal Anora’s heart, broken by many years of abuse? Torn is a romance that places the heroine through trials and tribulations, a journey of discovering love and finding herself. 

Estralia’s books focus on character development and self-discovery. There are fascinating plots and a deeper meaning, always a message for readers to discover through reflections on human nature inspired by her travels. Torn is sure to be enjoyed by readers who are looking for a romance with an exciting plot, a thrilling love story, and a triangle that is sure to create suspense and interest. The story offers a lot of plots beyond the romantic, a story of healing and self-discovery, as well as a spiritual exploration. 

Discover more about the book and other releases from the author over at her website. You can find Torn by Estralia Russelle over at Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Smashwords. Make sure to check out other releases from Estralia, and if you like what Torn has to offer, stay tuned for more. 


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