From Struggle to Triumph: Brian Keith Towles shares his story in ‘My Walk with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: Dystonia a blessing from God’

My Walk with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: Dystonia a blessing from God is a strikingly honest, raw memoir from emerging author Brian Keith Towles.

We talked to Brian about the book, and here is what he shared with us:

“I am a person with Dystonia a rare muscle disorder that knocked me down a lot but never knocked me out. I am a story teller, but when stories are told as truth it is a lie. This book is my redemption, also an apology to thousands of people I hope will find it in their heart to forgive me. I wrote this as an autobiography that will continue Lord willing for the next hundred years of my life.”

This is his story and his tale, a book that goes deep into his faith, his condition, and his family life. He is not afraid to share his experiences as they were, even if they sometimes portray the bad as well as the good, and the book is earnest in reflecting his view of God and his deep, unyielding faith in Jesus, which shines through in every page of the book.

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The author, Brian Keith Towles, describes his life since his childhood, focusing on his family and faith. Towles has faced dystonia, a condition that is linked to the DYT1 gene, identified in 1997. In early-onset dystonia, there is a change in the genetic code that leads to the loss of an amino acid known as gluten acid, disrupting the torsion protein. This is a rare condition.

What this genetic problem means is that there are significant disruptions in the communication of neurons, brain cells responsible for muscle control and movement. The author inherited two genes carrying this problem from his parents, which caused the disorder to manifest in him, though not his siblings. The issues became in his childhood, beginning with a hoarse voice and problems holding up his head. From then on, his life became a rollercoaster that took him through many places and many challenges alongside his family. He has faced many obstacles, but dystonia has not managed to keep him down despite these challenges.

In dystonia, the issues are with movement. The person might show incontrollable movements, difficulties doing some tasks, like writing, muscle spasms, twisting of body parts, and other issues that significantly affect the quality of life. But the book is not just focused on this condition, although readers who are interested in better understanding the impact of early-onset dystonia are going to find a lot to learn here. The book is also a deeply personal and emotional story, which Towles describes as an apology and a redemption. 

This is a story with a deep sense of faith, and the author openly discusses his religious ideas and views, even if some might not agree with these. God is a big part of his life, so it becomes a big part of this book, which can make it especially interesting for Christian readers who also have a deep devotion.

This is a story that adds to the collection of books that discuss dystonia. But it goes beyond this to craft a compelling autobiographical narrative with an exploration of personal faith and experience, as well as family.

The book might appeal to Christian readers, and those looking for true, emotive stories that present reality as is and that reflect a person’s life and beliefs as strongly as possible, with a unique story and a distinctive narration style.