Code Name: The Fox – Operation Yucatan Cartel by Dr. Hal Bradley, DD is a great read for fans of crime stories

The hit book series Code Name: The Fox continues with its third installment: Operation Yucatan Cartel. This is another thrilling read full of action, danger, intrigue, and revenge. Harold Brandon is now taking on a cartel on its home turf, the Yucatan peninsula. You can find out more about the book here.

In this book, we continue to follow Harold Brandon, a former smuggler at war with all and any cartels, after his former bosses brutally killed his wife. He has pursued his private revenge before this, but now he takes it to a whole different level. Brandon is set to go to war against a cartel in Southern Mexico, led by a Don and his equally terrifying wife, who rule the region together and keep the people terrorized. Now Harold has to take this cartel down with the help of Arty and two CIA operatives to reclaim Yucatan from this murderous pair.

Code Name: The Fox is a perfect read for fans of action stories and thrilling tales, following a one-man crusade against the cartels after his wife is killed. The series places the readers front and center in the cruel world of the cartels, the terrors associated with what they do, and the ways in which they might fall when faced with an even bigger and more ruthless force. The series is sure to become a favorite for readers who are fans of the action genre and are looking for engaging adventures that will capture their attention from start to finish.

One particular detail about this book series involved the author’s biography. Dr. Hal Bradley, chaplain and minister, is a former cartel smuggler and distributor himself. After serving in the U.S. Army, he became involved with a cartel until he was betrayed, just like his main character Brandon, and then went directly to the U.S. Assistant Attorney General to help bring the cartel down in the Pacific Northwest. He was in prison for four years of a sentence of eight and then turned his life around but still to a very exciting place. Bradley worked as a contractor for the DOJ and related agencies. In addition, he is a minister and a chaplain and has been ordained since 1999. Bradley worked on missions all over the world, surviving a dangerous series of events, including a kidnapping, a kill order, and much more. Now he draws from this real expertise to create a more compelling book series that explore and describe aspects of the cartels that have a grounding in actual things.


You can find Code Name: The Fox Operation Yucatan Cartel, as well as the previous two books in the series, Operation Tucson Cartel and Operation Durango Cartel, on Amazon. Here, you can also find more about the author and discover other books he has written, which have often reached the number one spot on this website. Code Name: The Fox is a great read for fans of action and crime stories focused on the world of cartels.


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