Leadership Attributes by Dr. Amin Sanaia shares how to move forward on the path of becoming an effective leader

Leadership Attributes: C.R.A.V.E is the new release from Dr. Amin Sanaia, who is offering a unique and values-based guide to genuine leadership. It is a great responsibility that brings both joys and worries, and it is also an ability that people can develop. This book offers an insightful view of what makes one a great leader.

Some people believe that a leader can only be born, while others expect that it is possible to mold someone into greatness. But no matter what you believe, it is clear that leadership is not just about wanting to be in charge or giving orders. Being a leader means assuming a commitment and being willing and able to put other people ahead of oneself in order to become truly effective.

We have all felt the lack of a strong and effective leader. It rarely leads to good outcomes, and people can keenly feel how directionless an office or a workplace with no leadership is. Leadership Attributes offers a model that provides a path to becoming a strong guide for others and learning how to make decisions and follow one’s specific values. 

Leadership Attributes is meant to open a discussion about how can a great leader grow into their role and also support their entire organization. More importantly, it provides a guide for how you can become such an effective leader yourself.

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Dr. Sanaia proposes five core characteristics: communication, respect, authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy, accompanied by others that make this task easier. The book discusses each of the leadership attributes in-depth and offers clear steps to grow as a person, as a leader, and as a worker. You might already be a good leader, but this book promises to help you become a great one, leading to amazing returns on whatever time investments you make into this goal. Great leaders can change the world. They can help the people around them in unique ways.


Dr. Amin Sanaia is talking from experience as someone who grew up through difficulties and obstacles. He came to America as a child from The Dominican Republic, facing a lot of difficulties on this path, such as culture shock and a lack of guidance to adapt to such a strange and different place. This inspired Sanaia to dedicate himself fully to becoming a better person, growing, and becoming more complete. Now he hopes to help others achieve this growth as well, allowing people new opportunities to achieve their goals, transform their workplace, and have a positive impact on their communities. Dr. Sanaia is a teacher, a servant leader, and a John Maxwell certified professional speaker with a wide amount of techniques and strategies at his disposal.

You can get a preview of Dr. Sanaia’s approach and vision of the world, you can also read some of the work he has done in shaping transformational leaders on his website. You can also follow him on Twitter @AminSanaia and Instagram @aminsanaia_.


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