With an explosive blend of genres, Awakening by Author ‘Dark Kent’ is a thrilling read

Today, we are excited to share about the book ‘Awakening’ by Author Rob Daniels (Dark Kent). He works as an instructor. He trains the military on proper combat equipment and weapon systems usage. 

Awakening is a short story post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and horror mix. With an explosive blend of genres, Awakening is certain to thrill readers and leave them wanting more as they discover a new take on the classic extraterrestrial invaders/visitors genre. Dark Kent brings a new vision of this concept that is sure to engage fans of dark literature.

Awakening follows the story of a world about to end as alien visitors leave destruction on their path, with little that humans can do about it. A young boy is now dealing with this major disaster, and the placement of the little protagonist against a massive, mysterious threat creates a chilling effect.


Dark Kent, also known as Rob Daniels, is a veteran who works to create pieces that serve as tools against Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His upbringing took place in Cleveland and mostly in disadvantaged areas, which contributed to a development of a powerful imagination that could take him away from this real world with all its harsh truths. Writing became an escape and a form of expression, leading the author to create many tales that were also interesting for other people. 

Awakening is one of the finest work by Kent so far, offering a sharp and chilling story that can please fans of genre mixes, post-apocalypse stories, and horror. 

Awakening offers an interesting take on the genre of alien invasion, a more sci-fi concept, but gives it a spin reminiscent of Stephen King by giving it a darker tone and exploring the search for the survival of a vulnerable boy who is doing his best to stay alive in a world that is suddenly becoming more hostile. It has a lot of focus on tension and building up suspense, so readers are sure to stay on the edges of their seats as they explore the journey of Young Cross.

The book might be best recommended for readers looking for something chilling and dark rather than a light read. It offers a gripping experience with a lot of twists and turns, and the focus on survival makes the book incredibly tense. The sci-fi elements offer an interesting twist on the survival aspects. The book can be read quickly thanks to its fast pace and tension, which keeps readers wanting more. 

This is not the first release from Dark Kent. He also has other chilling tales, including sci-fi stories like Sold Out and more mystical, supernatural-oriented pieces like Muqaabil the Saga. You can find his books on Amazon and enjoy them digitally or through paperbacks.

You can also get the Kindle version here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4J5ZTSB. Dark Kent is sure to continue to spin his chilling yarns and offer new nail-biters for readers to enjoy. Make sure to stay up to date with this author’s releases and see which exciting genre blends he will be bringing next. Dark Kent is offering interesting combinations of sci-fi and horror that can leave readers wanting more and feeling tense.

We had the pleasure of talking to the author about the book. As a courtesy, he shared a paragraph from the book for our readers:

His surveillance point, still somewhat blurred, young Cross grabbed a shirt from a laundry basket in the corner of his bedroom to wipe the glass, then raced over and turned off the light. After heading back to the window where he once stood, he removed the remaining moisture from the glass and was now amazed by the clarity of the fire blazing throughout the power plant a few miles away. While standing there, peering out of the window, he heard multiple explosions on the horizon. With both hands cupped closer together as he turned his attention away from the fire, again, he slowly wiped the excess moisture created from his exhalation while staring out of the window. Then, abruptly, an unidentified flying object slowly entered the left side of the young boy’s peripheral vision. The oval-shaped craft floated at a snail’s pace past the side of his house while making a soft, pinging sound. Both curious and terrified, Cross is about to set off on a riveting and bone-chilling journey of survival.