Author Terence McSweeney takes readers on a time-traveling adventure in his novel ‘Between the Folds – The Agency: The Aranas Years’

Between the Folds – The Agency: The Aranas Years is the exciting new high-stakes novel from Terence McSweeney. The book is about a wild and fascinating organization that is trying to prevent the end of the universe. Full of time travel and other fantastic concepts to capture the mind, this is a story for fans of interesting narratives and cool characters.

The former Archivist is dead, and now James Aranas becomes Archivist. But he is immediately confronted with a threat to the entire universe. A madman is running amok to try and meet the creator, but in this process, he threatens to bring down the world. Thanks to his experience as a time traveler, he is able to try and make dimensions crash into each other and wreaks havoc across the universe while man tries to find immortality and discover the truth.

With the help of his friends, Mary, Cillian, and Thomas McGonegal, as well as with the support of the dangerous and gorgeous Agent Bregante and a pair of giants known as Alphas, Aranas has to stop this mad dash across the universe and prevent the threat from destroying all. But the enemy always seems to be two steps ahead. You can find the book on Amazon:

The Agency is an exciting series that presents complex and fascinating ideas with a plot with wild and fun stakes that are sure to please fans of fantasy and the fantastic in general. The book stands out for its fun ideas and exciting pace, as well as the interesting characters.

Terrence McSweeney is an author with several books behind his belt, someone who has excelled in different genres. He published Poems & Thoughts, a collection of oil paintings, poetry, and musings, followed by his autobiography Green Underwear, which explored the Cold War era and the experience of growing up in the 50s and 60s through a unique lens. He wrote Little One’s Big Day, a children’s book, and has been working on the McGonegal Chronicles. This series has included The Quest, The Twelve Gates, and Redemption and Illumination. Between the Folds – The Agency: The Aranas Years brings back some familiar characters for new adventures and explores the world that the author has built from a different perspective. 


Prior to becoming an author, Terence McSweeney worked as a teacher of English and Social Studies with degrees from Boston College and Eastern Connecticut State University. He is also a painter specializing in impressionistic oil landscapes.

Between the Folds – The Agency: The Aranas Years is sure to interest fans of fantastic books. In particular, it could be of interest to those who have enjoyed the McGonegal Chronicles and are looking for more adventures with the characters. With a wild pace, a fun premise, and a lot of tension, this book is likely to please fans of exciting literature.

You can find Between the Folds – The Agency: The Aranas Years, as well as the books from the McGonegal Chronicles, which connect to this new installment, on Barnes & Noble


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