Author Terence Ang shares an open and honest account of his journey as a stroke patient in ‘A cry in the dark’


Some stories are powerful thanks to the journey they cover and to the artful way in which the storytellers choose to frame them. A Cry in the Dark is a raw and emotional story from Terence Ang, who details his experiences as a stroke survivor and a path to recovery. The book is centered on a journey of healing.


Ang had a charmed life. He was doing well for himself, was healthy, and had a happy and fulfilling relationship. At only 50, he felt full of life. But here is when he had a stroke, something he never anticipated. Didn’t strokes happen to older people? As it turned out, anyone and everyone can be at risk. While the doctors did not believe it, Ang survived. Surviving is not enough, however, there is a difference between surviving and living well. This has been his goal since the stroke, and he has achieved it.

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Here are a few testimonials of people who have read the book:


A Cry in the Dark details the ways in which Terence tries to live life to the fullest meets new people, and moves through new spaces. He discovers his home in places he never thought possible. Terence finds his perspective on life has changed completely.


This cry in the dark is the beginning of the journey for someone who forgets how to do basic things, even talking, and has to learn again. It is the cry of someone who has lost himself. But the journey is not one of despair but rather a path of hope and companionship.

Ang’s book has received recognition from professional organizations working with stroke survivors and from the survivors themselves. Part of his intent when writing the book is to generate awareness about strokes, that they can happen to anyone and that they can leave a significant effect. It is also meant to be an empowering story for survivors and their families, showing them that they are not alone and that they can have happy, fulfilling lives again.


A Cry in the Dark is a raw narrative that takes the form of a dialog between Ang’s adult self, embarrassed and struggling, and his child self, thrilled to learn so many new things. His perspective shifts through the frightening moments, through the companionship of others, and through discovering a new lens through which he can see everything that is going on. Ang uses the book as a tool for his healing and also as a way to connect with and bring hope to other people.

It features illustrations by Ang himself, done with his “non-functional” hand, and the images add a lot to this story of loss, hope, and healing. Ang’s book is sure to strike a chord with people who have had experiences with stroke and stroke survivors, as well as anyone looking for powerful tales of overcoming, healing, and gaining a new perspective on life, finding light even when the journey begins in the darkness.