Author Paul Eric Klein’s masterpiece ‘The Invisible Hand: A Pareto Sisters’ Mystery’ is filled with thrilling adventures

The Invisible Hand: A Pareto Sisters’ Mystery is a thrilling, intriguing new release from author P.E. Klein. This is a highly engaging young adult mystery that ranked number one in its category on Amazon and remains a popular choice for young and older readers. 

The Pareto sisters are two bright young detectives up against a complicated threat. The neighborhood is facing a big issue. Dogs are being terrorized by an invisible threat that comes to them every night. Phones stop working. Jewels are disappearing from their hiding places. Fenton Pareto, a private eye with a mystery of his own, and his daughters are on the case. Charlie and Clarke Pareto are trying to unravel the threat and discover the truth. But as they get closer, they are framed for terrible crimes, and now they must not only bring the criminal to justice but also deal with a variety of threats, from mechanical insects to a whole variety of weaponized items: booby traps, music, and even wicked QR codes. The book is set in the Bay Area and creates a fun landscape full of eccentric characters, donuts, and spoiled little dogs. 

The novel is perfect for fans of funny and fun mysteries with a twist. The whole family can enjoy the witty and stylish adventures of the Pareto sisters and their father, with a central mystery that packs a punch. You can find the book on Amazon:

The author wrote this book for a couple of adult daughters, although he makes it clear that the characters in his books are not copies of his real-life family. His work offers a thrilling ride for readers with a focus on smarts and puzzles, as well as exciting obstacles to overcome. Charlie Pareto is a very fun character to follow, flawed and engaging, with a brilliant mind. P.E. Klein, also known as Paul Eric Klein, is an emerging author who resides in Menlo Park, California. He is an avid dancer and practices Latin Ballroom dancing.

The Pareto sisters’ adventures are sure to interest fans of YA mystery stories. It is a fun ride, full of humor, but also with plenty of twists to keep readers engaged. This book has received highly positive responses from readers, who praise the main characters, the twisty plot, and the humor that ensures that every page is a riot. As a YA read, it’s perfectly apt for teen readers but can easily engage adults as well.

Discover more about the author and the upcoming books at The Pareto Sisters are getting an audiobook release in November and will see a sequel with more adventures of these smart and cunning girls. If the positive reception continues, the author intends to release two books, forming a trilogy, and he has stated they are already done. There are also rumors about a possible television series based on the release. The mystery is full of fun, has a quick pace sure to keep readers engaged, and is jam-packed with surprises, twists, and developments.

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