Author Anmol Singh’s top-rated guide ‘Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life’ provides actionable strategies for achieving success


Author Anmol Singh is bringing his top-rated guide Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life, to Amazon. It is a compilation of ten strategies with corresponding tips and tricks that will help any reader find the road to success. 

People want to move ahead in life but often don’t know how to. There are thousands of options out there, so much so it can be incredibly overwhelming. Singh brings ten keys that can unlock the success and happiness we all desire and find a way to make one’s dreams become true.

The guide is written in clear and understandable language, but the advice is solid and effective. Beyond simple and general guidelines, the book provides clear steps and actionable strategies for achieving success on the reader’s own terms. It will walk you through each step of the journey to know what success looks like to you, how to achieve it, and how to get to where you want to get. You can take control of your life and become fully focused, driven, and motivated. With tips that are sure to fit whatever situation you’re facing, you can see changes very quickly.

You can find the book on Amazon:

This guide will make an awesome read for people looking for some guidance or clear steps towards success. It will push people to begin an improvement journey that is likely to help them, support them, and offer effective guidance for reaching the right destination. In addition to this, the ten keys help readers communicate more effectively with other people and be their best selves, not just in their lives but also in the eyes of those around them. At the same time, the book does not take itself too seriously either and has a light-hearted, appealing tone.


Anmol Singh hopes to bring readers the same tips and tricks that have helped him reach success, writing the book he wished he had read when he was just starting his path. Singh is a top consultant in the trading and investing industry. In 2015, he launched LiveTraders, one of the top trading education firms. Singh himself has worked with and trained over a thousand investors and traders as a specialist in trading psychology. Today, Singh is a stock market and Forex trader who continuously works with students and takes part in various enterprises. 

This background informs Singh’s no-nonsense attitude and offers insight into techniques developed under high-pressure circumstances. But the book is not meant exclusively for traders, nor is it a specialized guide. It is sure to help people from different fields and walks of life.

It has received a positive response from readers and continues to garner attention. The book is sure to provide an effective set of strategies for success from somebody who has the experience and the success, indeed, to back it up. With effective ideas, clear and concise language, and a light-hearted tone, Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life is sure to be a good read.


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