Amy Riggs helps people build beautiful homes in Arizona with her expertise in interior design

Amy Riggs has a lot of experience with sales and helping people. Her customers, who point to her helpfulness, work ethic, strong communication, and desire to help, can vouch for the amazing results she provides.

Amy Riggs is a fifth-generation Arizona native who loves Phoenix and its surrounding areas and wants to introduce the places she knows and adores to more people. She comes from a family that loves houses and architecture: her parents were a masonry contractor and an interior designer. She runs the Architectural Precast Concrete Division.

Currently, Amy Riggs works to support newcomers to Arizona and anyone who needs her services in buying cars or creating effective interior design. She specializes in beautiful buildings, inside and out, and cars, always able and willing to help people find what works for them. 

She is a graduate of Arizona State University, with a degree in Sociology. Since then, she has worked to help other people thanks to her organizational skills.

In the past years, Riggs has taken on a lot of projects and achieved many different goals. She has been one of the top sales managers in her area and has worked with people from different walks of life to achieve her goals. She has taken her parents’ business from a small shop to a place with three out-of-state distributors and then to one that was acquired by a large Texas company.

Currently, she is pursuing new opportunities and projects that involve helping people with acquiring a new car that will serve them well with Chapman Chevrolet in Tempe, Arizona.

Amy-Riggs Amy-Riggs Amy-Riggs

In addition to this, she is working with interior designers to help people better discover what they want. Interior design is often seen as a privilege, but Riggs makes it more accessible for more people, something that has a lot of value. Anyone can benefit from having the best home for them, the right spaces to pursue their dreams and projects. Her services are oriented at the people who are looking for direction and support but who do not want to invest exorbitant amounts of money into this aspect of their homes.

In regards to interior design, Riggs offers not only her services but the expertise of three generations, well-versed in this area. This can help many people who want to get a great service that is grounded in professionalism and ability but who do not want to work with the very expensive designers available. This is a grassroots business that is based in Arizona, and that draws from the lives of three generations who have experience with the place and a deep love for the area.  By the way, she is also available for proofreading and content creation.

One particular passion and area of expertise Riggs has is her love for fireplaces. She believes that they are underused in interior design and can become impactful when treated with care. 


Make sure to keep in touch and see what new projects she will pursue next. You can also check out her Instagram, and Pinterest where most of her personal designs are categorized.


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