Two Continents and One Island: A Unique Journey of Spiritual Growth by Abel Ndambasha

Abel Ndambasha is proud to present his book, Two Continents and One Island, a profound story that follows the author’s life and explores his spiritual growth. You can find a reflection on a life story that takes place through time and different places, including Zambia, Cuba, and the United States of America.

The author explores a journey of growth, not just literal but also spiritual, influenced by his circumstances and the places that marked his life. Ndambasha was born in Zambia and raised there until he moved to Cuba for his postsecondary education and then to the United States, where he established himself professionally. 

The story centers the personal toils and troubles, the tragedies and the uplifting experiences, but also is laser-focused on God and how he directs the journey and how each element connects, ultimately, to the spiritual and the religious, in each environment that the author moves through. 

A key theme is perseverance, and in this sense, the memoir is inspiring, as it goes beyond the mere facts and takes a deep dive into the author’s views and ideas on a variety of themes, contrasting and comparing his visions as an immigrant and as a Christian, as a young man and as an author gaining experience. He can freely discuss politics and religion, social issues, and beyond with eloquence and a distinctive perspective, enriched by his experiences traveling the world and living in countries with varied cultural codes.

The author discusses his experiences from varied viewpoints, building a unified perspective of the world and its moral dimension without giving up on his righteous values. A particular topic of interest is his perspective on the political upheaval he experienced, while another was the exciting struggle with the many temptations the world offers a young man. While not a rags-to-riches story, it nevertheless engages with the growth and development of himself and his life, orchestrated through Providence with the help of those helpers he calls human angels. The prose is strong, and the messages are sure to resonate with readers, especially those with strong religious views. 

Two Continents and One Island paints a fascinating picture of Cuba, a closed society that is as different as can be from America. It also describes the distinct social experiences of each country and how they impact the author as a migrant. However, the internal is as important as the external, and Abel never loses sight of his religious conviction and a pursuit he believes to be orchestrated by divine forces, leading him to success. The perspective of the author is unique and impacted by his inner convictions, the temptations of the world, his unshakeable belief, and the societies that offer different values, experiences, and opportunities for growth.

Readers are loving this deep story with a strong personal story and a lot of reflection, with insights into culture and religion that are sure to resonate with many different people.

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