A Satire that sparks debate: Tales of American Idiocy by P.R. Infidel

Tales of American Idiocy is a provocative, dark book that examines the foibles of the modern era and the modern mindset. It considers an age when citizens seek security and self-righteousness through self-destruction but are unable even to realize this. The book is meant to take a critical, even cynical, look at current realities and encourage people to open their eyes and see the world through a different filter.

The book offers a humorous, darkly so look at the current reality as the author sees it, creating a complex and satirical take that uses animals and supernatural phenomena as tools to discuss relevant events. 

The book includes a collection of tales branded as tales of American idiocy: We Know What You Did Last Election, The Camel Refugees of Horse Ranch, Rose City Riot, Black Lizards Matter, Conspiracy Cat, Delilah the Brave, and The Apartheid of the Swamp. Each tale creates an unforgettable set of images and stories using classical allegorical tools, like employing animals to help humans better recognize their own foibles. 

P.R. Infidel is the pen-name of an author who shall remain hidden, as her controversial work and sharp criticisms are sure to draw the ire of many a reader, even as they feel challenged by her ideas. All that she has revealed about herself is that she works and she is a Christian. Writing is something that she does for fun but takes quite seriously too.

Tales of American Idiocy reflects the author’s view of modern America as a place that has lost its way and has found itself stuck in the middle of a mass psychosis, something deeply concerning and strange. Infidel’s hope for her books is that they can contribute to the country’s improvement and to help find the way to discover and re-discover the freedom and wisdom that America can also have.


This is not a book for the sensitive reader, as it takes a sharp, biting, and often dark look at situations that deeply concern the author about the modern world. Not everyone is going to agree, but those who do and those who don’t can find something to enjoy and to consider in this biting satire. Christian readers who share the author’s worldview and ideals might be especially interested in giving this book a glance, as Infidel feels that the world is headed for disaster and hopes to call out the things she considers especially insidious. 

Unlike other reads, this one is spicier and is sure to resonate strongly with some readers more than others. However, as is the case with satire, this indicates that the author can challenge and provoke, and the book might sit differently with readers on different sides of the political spectrum but provide some fodder for thought and reflection.

This satire is ruthless and harsh, even as it takes a cold look at what is going on today from the perspective of a Christian woman in modern America.

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