A New Chapter in Hip-Hop: Steph Delz’s Electrifying Hits ‘Get Started ft. Maya Miko’ and ‘Andromeda Vibe’

Steph Delz, the rising hip-hop artist, has dropped two new hits: Get Started ft. Maya Miko and Andromeda Vibe. These are effective and striking follow-ups to his debut album release. Sonic Variance, his first official big drop, received positive response from critics and audiences alike. These new two releases have also been trending thanks to the amazing sound and vibe that Delz brings to all his projects. 

In addition to the work he does for himself, following his passion for music, Delz also makes beats and collaborates frequently with clients and other musicians to do new things and create more types of sound and audio experiences.

Delz has been on the hip-hop scene for a while. The album Sonic Variance represents the culmination of over twenty years of hard work, passion, and dedication. His new releases, Get Started and Andromeda Vibe, follow the tendency of the artist to create stellar music with a unique, distinctive sound and unique, distinctive vibes, often alluding to stars and space in all their outer space glory. Delz brings this cosmic vibe down to earth to create a distinctive style that is memorable and stays with the listener for a long time. 

Throughout the years, Delz has honed his sound, and these recent two songs are proof positive of his unique ability to grow and evolve. Sonic Variance, for instance, featured tracks made between 2003 and 2023 and explored the themes and evolution of the artist while also celebrating his early sound and raw, emotional style. It offered 17 tracks that blended genres and played with the expectations, also offering a glimpse into Delz’s trajectory over the past two decades and how he grew and changed just as the genre did.

From the first to the last tracks that Delz has released, it is clear that he is more than capable of creating an infectious, hypnotic beat. Each track doesn’t just provide amazing sound but also has something that reaches deeper, with provocative lyrics that the listener finds themselves pondering time and again. Delz is not afraid to defy genre conventions and make something distinctly his. In Get Started, he also takes advantage of the unique talents of Maya Miko to add to his own sound and make a powerhouse collaboration listeners are sure to love.

You can find Sonic Variance and his two new releases streaming on a variety of platforms. All relevant links are available on Linktree. You can find his music streaming on his YouTube channel. You can find some amazing merch and a variety of products selling here to support the artist and to find some very fun and useful products. If you like what you hear and want to hear more, you can follow him on social media and be the first person to learn about any new and upcoming projects. Find him across social media as StephDelz (on X), as @ugezmusic_llc on Instagram and @sdugez82 on TikTok, and on Facebook as StephDelzBeats.


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